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Xomba – Share Your Knowledge And Earn Money

Xomba – Share Your Knowledge And Earn Money

Xomba is a portal where you can share your ideas through various forms of articles. It was founded in 2006 by Nick Veneris and still stands the competition at a below average position compared to other similar pages such as Hubpages or The traffic it receives is stable since the year it passed and until now and it fluctuates around the 40,000 ranking on Alexa metric website. It’s not the perfect performance but consider that you are mainly responsible for driving an adequate traffic stream right on your own articles, otherwise the results could be poor in either site of the same type. You can rely on the supposed active community, which means other content writers who share articles in similar categories with yours. Commenting to other articles is an effective way to state your presence in the board as well.

First Glance

As we’ve been doing it normally we administer a weight on the appearance of any site we use and Xomba couldn’t be an exception. It’s very colorful site with nice subject arrangement and moderate page padding. We are not here to judge the style because it is a strictly personal and less objective matter, however the template has something original upon it and helps the site to brand itself and become more popular. We assume, this detail can’t help it anymore because it is already an oldie.

Registration and Approval

After your registration, your account is not automatically activated. You need to pass the stage where you get approved by the administration by sending a 300+ word sample article. You can pick a topic to write about, however you need to consult the given category list to avoid clutter. Simply, respond back to the e-mail with the title: “Account details for [your username] at Xomba (pending admin approval)“. Include in the response the sample article you have written and wait. The account  is activated after 1-2 working days if you get approved. Really fast.

Write Your First Article

xomba_Create ContentXombaIt’s very easy to start. Just hit the workplace link on the top and right of your screen and then the “Create  new post” under your profile’s pic. You will notice 5 different categories. Every category relies on its own structure but the general rules of posting content is somehow the same. Keep your text family friendly, don’t break intellectual rules, don’t post affiliate links because this is considered as spam. You can include links for reference though. The content must be authentic but belongs to you as a property and you can even secure the ownership with a Creative Commons seal.

Post’s Categories

As we mentioned above, the site gives the opportunity to create 5 different types of article:

  • Blog – Anything you can think of (300+ words)
  • Bookmark – A link introduction including a short description (100+ words)
  • List – The list can go up to 20 items big with a 50 words intro.
  • Recipe – Do you know how to cook? Enlighten us! (50 words intro plus ingredients and proper guidance is required.)
  • Review – Same as a blog plus you need to rate. (300+ words)

Except the typical blog, you can even publish recipes or lists with your favorite bands, books, movies etc. A variation in the form differentiates the 5 categories to help you out with the final outcome.

Subject’s Categories

There is a standard categorization placed without major variations and further sub-categorization levels. Everything is clean. You are required to declare in which categories are you mostly eager to contribute more before the approval. Here’s a snap to take a quick view.

xomba's categoriesxombas Categories

Earnings and Redemption

The only way of earning provided is by connecting your Google Adsense account with Xomba. Xomba gives you the opportunity to earn revenue by the banners placed in your articles in a 60/40 ratio. 60% for you and 40% for Xomba. The percentage stands for the time of exposure and it’s not a direct dividend of the revenue. For how to connect your Adsense account with Xomba and for additional info about the Earnings follow the links below:

Setting up Adsense

Earnings Guide


You can connect yourself with other users by following each other and even exchange private messages. An easy way to connect with someone is by browsing the categories. This way you can find a user with similar interests and communicate freely and more sensibly seeking the chance to build up your own fan club of followers.


FAQ, Contact, Posting Rules

The Bottom Line

We really like it. The atmosphere. The simplicity. It’s not one of a kind in its area because there are tons of sites like this and way more popular, however we can feel some sort of authenticity in its structure that makes it unique. The earnings are not the best but certainly you can polish your skill in writing and reading about new interesting topics; definitely whatever you are used to do in other sites plus the earnings. You can’t re-publish the content elsewhere and vice versa. No affiliate program is included as well. Only writing. ;)


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  2. Thanks so much for all the explanations. I really appreciate. I will love to join Xomba earnings. I recently discovered that one can make money while writing. Fortunately, I joined the infobarrel less than two weeks back. I have written two articles there already that is yet to be published. My question is that, can I publish the same articles here if I am registered and accepted? thanks.
    Akusu Godwin

  3. I love your web site reviews :) They’re so clear, well-written and go directly to the point. That’s something most readers appreciate.

    Going back to the topic: I might actually check this site out. This web site sounds like a good chance to finally start using my ad sense account and go back to writing again :) I’ll check this site out first thing in the morning; it sounds promising!

  4. Thank you for a very informative article on Xomba. I applied for a membership 3 days ago, but unfortunately I am still awaiting a reply back from the admin team to approve and activate my account. I guess I’m just too impatient.

    I got started with the online writing about 5 months ago. I actually signed up for HubPages back in 2010, but never really became active until February of this year. I have gone from making $5 per month to now earning over $60 per month with 10 articles on HubPages. I enjoy the graphics, the ease of use, and the great support they offer. They are also ranked high on Alexa which helps your Google ranking, and having over 43 million visitors each month helps. If you interested in knowing more or signing up, read: HUBPAGES: Make Money Writing Articles Online at Home

    If you know of any other sites besides Xomba that you can recommend please let me know. Thanks again.

    • Comments merged.

      Thanks for the feedback. We will write something about Hubpages shortly.

      As for other similar sites, you can follow the pages inside Earnings Area:


  5. Nice review. I didn’t know that Xomba has been around as long as it has. Now that some time has passed, do you feel that it is a better choice than Expertscolumn?

  6. Xoomba looks like a good website to check out. Thank you very much for the information.

  7. The good thing I am looking into is the different types of articles you can choose from. At least, you get to choose which type of article suits your style.

  8. Seems like all these sites related to writing require some kind of sample. I earn money already from writing about what I know. What is considered a good sample?

    • What is considered a good sample?

      At this particular type of sites nothing special other than being grammatically and syntactically flawless.

  9. Excellent review! Thank you!
    I got attracted after browsing the site. I’m allergic to poor quality, but this site is exactly what you wrote – clean. I checked some articles and I don’t see traces of stupidities like “Advices on whether you should fall in love or not” or “What to do if cat sat on your glasses” (yes, that exists).
    The only thing I don’t like is this monster mascot. I’ll have nightmares tonight. :-/

    • You are always very welcome. :)
      I assume that with your participation Xomba will gain another skillful author. Ivana please….bear with our alien friend Abmox. :p
      For the sake of history it is worth to mention that Abmox was put in homepage as a part of a major redesign and re-branding that took place a year ago. Are you interested to see how Xomba looked like before that?

    • He has a name? Yes, I would like to know how the site looked like before the ugly alien invasion. B-)

    • He was earlier there too but not a front man and he is good at basketball as well. ;)

      Soooo..there you go:

      xomba before

      You like it? I prefer the latest one.

    • Yes, the latest is the best. I don’t know about the navigation, but too many colours here + disintegrated Obnox, pardon, Abnox :), looking at me through the logo.

    • Oh yes, i see. Which letter you think he looks you through? The “O” or the “b”? I think the “b”. it looks like he put a crystal ball on his right eye.
      Right not from our perspective before you ask. You know what i mean huh?
      Not sure about the role of “X” and “a” though. What they represent. :P

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