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XcBux, Iconbux’s revamp?

Although we have been monitoring by little far lately, we acknowledge that some of our readers are PTC addicted and we haven’t stopped caring  for them. An external contributor hit me up with a warning about the obvious connection between XcBux and Iconbux. To let you know about Iconbux, some citations are posted below:

Iconbux scam or legit?

Iconbux – breaking news

Iconbux – Final Chapter

Google search engine appears to exposing this connection in an unexpected manner. Just google the term “xcbux” without the quotes. Voila!

xcbux search

The first result on Google..

xcBux - Home

We clicked on the temporarily cached page and an iconbux redirect link it appears.


Use Ctrl + the plus/minus button to zoom in/out. The link is driving us to the following ref. link: /?r=168545049

Whatever it is, surely comes from Iconbux.

Two evidences as well. Script and design used are selected and came from the same providers. XeonCoder (nTen script) and EasyCloudDesign for the template. It could be a coincidence but also look at this report:,237564.msg2274580.html#msg2274580

Lot of reasons to stay away from XcBux?


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