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WordGigs: Is it Worth Your Time?

WordGigs: Is it Worth Your Time?

Online content writing has become a legitimate way to make extra income, and many people who have the drive and talent turn it into a full-time career. With so many opportunities to write on the Internet, it can be hard to determine which ones are ideal moneymaking opportunities.

Throughout 2011, was an enticing choice for freelance writers because it offered steady work and the application process was relatively simple. In the months that followed, though, work became nonexistent. Some users received notifications that hiring was no longer actively being conducted, while some accounts on the site were disabled. At the beginning of April 2013, the website appeared to be back in action, but it is still a viable place to earn money?


Various Levels and Earning Potential

 A couple of years ago, the website received some negative user feedback because it required people to watch lengthy training videos in order to access work. Those videos are still there, but have been upgraded and are now easier to understand. Writers can achieve various skill levels, and those who reach the highest potential are promised the largest earnings, but there’s still some ambiguity about the exact amounts available to earn at the top level.

Writers who aren’t at the elite level are given access to projects of several word lengths and earning amounts as mentioned in one of the training videos. Earnings are paid out twice a month through PayPal.


Great Flexibility

Despite requiring extensive training, WordGigs is an appealing opportunity for freelance writers who know the importance of working for various companies to gain new skills and increase marketability.

Some people who specialize in writing about organic gardening, for example, could easily branch into the kind of work required at WordGigs. Many of the website’s clients represent businesses and need content that promotes their strengths.

Although WordGigs requires users to remain active to avoid having their accounts disabled, it does not currently enforce a weekly quota. Also, users have the flexibility to login at any time and complete work as long as it’s finished before the deadline. This is helpful for writers who know they perform best at certain times of the day outside of traditional office hours.


Lots of E-mails

Writers receive information about website changes and policy reminders through e-mail. This method works, but can sometimes be a hassle, because a person might get several e-mails per day. Because correspondence is often packed with information that’s hard to find elsewhere on the website, it’s a smart to create a separate e-mail folder for WordGigs messages.

Like many freelance writing opportunities, WordGigs has both positive and negative factors. These are all worth consideration; fortunately, because the website is free to use, there’s no harm in giving it a try to see if it’s a good fit for your writing needs.

Guest Post by Katie Elizabeth, a keen freelance writer and content coordinator


  1. Wordgigs is a very respectable and efficient company. The management is very approachable and clear with directions. I would recommend writing for this company.

    Angelea Olvera

  2. I don’t recommend them. Worst and most inconsistent editors I’ve ever dealt with, no contact between writers and editors, horrible set-up, unprofessional training materials, and boring content. To top it off, pretty terrible pay.

    • Yes! I couldn’t agree more. Very poor business model and approach, support, everything. I just wrote 3 articles for them yesterday, and basically through a great back and forth with their kooky-ass support tech Gina, am now locked out, and they owe me and are basically refusing to pay me. STAY AWAY!

  3. Thanks a lot! I had never heard about this web site! I’ve been trying to find legit freelance web sites that give a chance to all the freelancers out there (specially the ones that are not US based!).

    I’m so glad I found this blog, I’ll make sure to bookmark it to use it as a future reference. I think I can get a really good list of legit freelance web sites from this blog.

  4. I’ve been registering for a few writing sites but this is the first time I’ve heard of this one. Thank you, I just registered and will see what happens. I wonder why they don’t take yahoo email addresses thats different.

  5. I work for wordgigs. I have been working for them for a few years. I always get paid.

  6. I never heard of before this article. Here’s my question: Are writers still getting paid.

    Having limited sources of income is one thing. They can always begin an advertising/marketing campaign to change that. Not paying people who have performed a service — now that’s another situation altogether.

    • Yup, still pays. :)

      Although Katie could have more interesting things to add up.

  7. A note coming by me. You need to reside in the United States to register an account, being a native English speaker and having an active Paypal account in order to get paid every month.

    • This sounds like an interesting website to try. I think the more “eggs” you have in your basket, the more likely your success as a writer. I will keep in mind the bad reviews in case I experience anything negative.

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