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WAZZUB, The Power of “We” – Things you should consider

We are already close to the official launch of this dubious scheme. We are expecting it happened on 9th April of the current year. The main argument of the followers is that the service doesn’t require fee for registering to it. So, since it’s free why you don’t try it and who knows? maybe it’s your goldmine of lifetime income, the chance you have been always looking for. Most of them must have forgot the phrase: “time is money”, what about the electricity you consume, what about your time and money spent on promoting the program and last but not least what about your pride of not getting fooled again. Apart from that, here’s some facts you should consider before registering an account there:


WAZZUB is run by registered company

Hold on there. Have you considered how easy is to register a company from your place? It’s as easy as this:

Google, the power of searching. Easy or not definitely doesn’t ensure that a company will come to you and play fair game. On topic now, it appears that WAZZUB is run by  GIT Global Investments Inc.  which is based on a trailer travelling from Oregon to Nevada and back on. Don’t laugh, it’s serious. :-) They have been changing the whois info once someone reports something that doesn’t match well. Let me show you what whois info was initially filled out:

wazzub whois

As you can see, the company is registered in Oregon and the services it provides is related to laundry and babysitting. Contact name: Cathy L Halverson.
The space of the services described are totally irrelevant to the goals the company promises to the users. Let’s see which the current whois is right now:

wazzub whois2

Nothing matchs with the info of the previous whois except of the fact that we are talking about the same company, GIT Global Investments Inc.
Also, the persons behind this company are merely unidentified. Why so? Have you considered that? Would you have a plain good idea that might roll out a great deal of money and you would still keep your name secret from the public? No so transparent, is it?

WAZZUB is going to have the success of Google and Facebook

What are the credentials to achieve this? Both Google and Facebook came up out of brilliant unique ideas. They had something new to offer to the public. What does WAZZUB have? Unspecified. They just promised that are going to share the 50% of profit with the pre-launch registered users. Although nobody knows where this stream of income comes from. The only things we could notice is a song of questionable quality that being sold as Itune and on Amazon portal as well as from global activities like selling CDs, T-Shirts etc. Also, from something like ad revenue sharing. Besides this is the power of “WE” as the slogan defines. :-) They have also founded as they claim, theWAZZUB Charity Fund which its primary perspective is to contribute on the help of everyone who is in need of.

WAZZUB is using a state of the art technology like Google and Facebook

We couldn’t laugh more hard. Looking at the site the only state of the art technology is a poorly made design which decorates a script of similar quality. Google and Facebook have thousands of employees most of them expertised in engineering field and frankly WAZZUB seems like is run by a group of 2 or 3 people in the best case.

The member’s counter is fake

It’s confirmed by web programmers that the source code contains a Javascript code that randomly increases the number of registered members artificially. This misleads the visitors of the page who are considering about the greatness of this program and the chance that may be lost if they don’t register right away. They start advertising the big opportunity at anywhere possible and the hoax is getting viral. So this is how the scene is easily set. WAZZUB promises to share the 50% of the profit. Why not? We can promise the White House or the Big Ben, it’s free of charge and nobody taxes you for that statement.

WAZZUB is not going to share your info with any third party

Who ensures it? Oh, I forgot. Mrs Cathy L Halverson from Oregon with the babysitting company who recently moved in Nevada for visiting her seak aunt. In a more serious note, the data collection and the sharing with third parties can lead to identity theft. In the best case some companies may disrupt your routine with annoying commercials or promotions. Would you like to be a victim of data leaking and your personal info to be shared offline and/or online?

Bottom line: These kind of schemes had tried again the same. Failed all along. Unfortunately, they are taking advantage of the naiveness and the desperation of people who lost their job and seeking for the golden egg by doing nothing. The reality is that success requires genuine ideas, planning, productivity. ideals. These people have one and single goal, to deceive you. The “too good to be true” maxim came up by experience. Don’t fall into the same trap again and try to teach yourself how to distinguish the chance from the snare. Would you like to go with the flow? Your call.


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