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Ways to refer members under yourself at your favourite PTCs

Joining a reliable PTC is the first thing you have to consider and the first goal of Earnings Area is to recommend you the sites where you have a chance to gain a supplementary income online. Staying as a solo clicker is not the way to take advantage of the potential earnings though. At Earnings Area , we mainly care about the users who want to follow the doctrine “earning without spending pocket money” as their primary plan. Spending is clearly a personal decision and we won’t in any way push our reader at this perspective. It is your money and you must take the risk without any third party’s influence.

So, finding direct referrals for your favourite PTCs is a reliable long standing tactic for having a stable income in PTCs. But how? Here’s some strategies that worked for us throughout the years of being active in this industry:

1. Create a page where you must contain all your promotions. Concentrate on a brief explanation of the site you promote and a reason that should make someone to join you. It’s important to optimizeyour ranking through the search engines.

2. Submit your referral link to search engines.

3. Submit your referral link at major social bookmarking services such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious etc. We recommend to register an account at SocialAdr in order to boost your social campaigns effectively. A great tool for page optimization whether you want to promote your own page (1st tip).

4. The Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are great social places to promote your programs for free.

5. Creating promotional youtube videos or tutorials containing your ref links or the address of the blog you have created following our first tip is a way to take advantage of the huge traffic of youtube. Don’t underestimate the power of other pages like youtube that are based in your own country. Most likely you can play under lower competition.

6. Create a webpage where you can organize lotteries with freebies where the participants are taking part via raffle. Attach your referral link in every raffle you deliver.

7. Give away products or services for free and attach a .txt file with your referral link/s or the address of your page.

8. Promote your ref. link in forums through your signature or your profile. Never spam, it’s bad, it’s illegal. Nobody will trust you after all.

9. Join PTC forums like TalkPTCEMS & Ewealthbase. There you can do link exchanges with other members or open a thread where you will pay your referral a commission as incentive. Visit the following page to see an example:

10. Promote it to your friends & family taking into account of the restrictions that the sites have in regards to residing in the same household. Tell them the truth. Don’t promote something which you cannot sustain. Don’t deceive them with misleading promises since your favourite persons are rather important for you.

11. Use other PTCs to advertise your ref. link either paying or converting your balance. Make a check in the advertisement area before you enable your campaign. Don’t start campaigns of sites that are already in the “view ads page”. Wait until the next day. You lose potential signups otherwise.

12. Traffic exchange sites are recommended only for those who promote their own pages. It helps in search engine ranking. However you can join sites where you can meet and communicate with other users. A good chance to directly promote your program using your social skills (e.g. TrafficEra)

13. Promote on TAEs and listbuilders. Prepare a good standing and brief text for your solo ads.Your potential refs are being reached via e-mail. TAEs provide more features. They are also known as Ad exchange sites.

14. Use downline builders like the There you can find someone interested by signing a contract. The ref has to abide by the requirements that you have set otherwise an option  of terminating the contract is available.


  1. Thanks for the advice on referrals. I was a member of Clixsense, but got too bored with it because of the low pay. I will go back to it and work on the referral side and see how I get on this time around. I’ve never heard of socialadr, downlinerefs or trafficera! This is going to keep me busy for the day :)

  2. Building a downline (direct referrals) has always been my achilles heel when it comes to obtaining a decent income via PTC sites. I started off with the PTR sites (ie, Donkeymails). Then I moved to Neobux. That was a slow earner for me, even with renting referrals as I always seemed to get the inactive ones. I’m a member of Clixsense and, even though it’s a slow earning by myself, I have been paid 3 times over the last 2 years. Now, I have been a member of MyBrowserCash and am happy with it. Yes, I’ve put in some of my own money to buy referral shares and to upgrade, but I’m making a profit and fairly steadily now. Nothing to live on full time, but it does pay the water bill each month! LOL.

    Thank you for this site. I look forward to reading over past posts and future ones too!

    • Yes it’s true. The get paid to programs do the trick with the utilities’ bills. Hope you are doing well with the neobux and Clixsense offers and tasks. If you will to invest on your solo clicking activity, PTCBOX is a good bet. Just spend money on your Personal Earnings Multiplier (up to 10 cents per ad) and enjoy earnings only by your own clicks. Depends on your free time though.

  3. Thank you for the extensive list of tips on how to get our referral links out there. Some of them are methods I have already tried, while others I have not thought of.

    I look forward to reading more tips in the future!

    • And we are looking forward from you to read them. You are very welcome. :-)

  4. thank you sir for providing us such a great knowledge and sharing of great piece of life living with us.

  5. nice post, thanks for sharing.

  6. please keep the good and creative ideas coming guys.

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