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Varolo is switching to Varolo 2.0 (Important news)

Hello Earnings Area readers. Just a quick notice for you that Varolo is literally closing down its doors for the new and old members in the way was working before and now is preparing the new version of the site (Varolo 2.0). If you have funds in your balance you can withdraw them until the 30th of July. The site is moved to our watch list until the launch of Varolo 2.0.

From the home page:

Varolo version 2.0 is coming.

We have been listening and as a result we are remodeling Varolo. Users have been asking for several things including:

  • “Make Varolo more social”
  • “Give me a bigger ‘voice’ with the brands and products I’m interested in”
  • “Offer me better deals”
  • “Let my own efforts dictate my success rather than relying on others efforts”

So we have decided to completely change the Varolo model to match the desires of our users that now number in the hundreds of thousands! Check back often and also look for our notices on Facebook, Twitter, and email for the new Varolo 2.0 launch date.

In the meantime, if you have been actively using Varolo since June 15th, you can login and transfer any and all earnings via Paypal. But hurry, this option will only be available through July 30. We look forward to seeing you in the new Varolo 2.0 soon!

If you have problems transferring the money, please contactus .

The Varolo Team

UpdateUpdate ~ September 12, 2012: Based on their response to our ticket, the new version is still under construction. Mass e-mails will be sent to the members when they have all the things done.

UpdateUpdate ~ March 13, 2013: The site doesn’t seem to ever return back.


  1. Its the middle of november and wut do u know…. varolo is still in-accessable. Im starting to wonder if their realy updateing or if they simply called it quits without telling any of the users.

    • The delay makes me think that they are not going to finish the preparations and start the Varolo V2 project, however they let the users cashout all the balance no matter the minimum limit whilst on Varolo and after the announcement of its temporary closure.

  2. Dude….it’s september…it’s been several months when the hell is this damn thing coming out?!

    • No idea. I sent them an e-mail just in case they have forgot it. :-) Updating here as soon as possible.

  3. When I first joined varolo it was good, but then it got boring. I had a few people join under me. It was a very slow earner and many of my referrals just lost interest and then so did I. I will be checking for the new site and hopefully it will be more fun to be active and earn from there. It is a good concept but the earning should be made more faster.

  4. This looks like an interesting service. I was reading some reviews of it on other sites, and I’m curious how their new business model is going to play out.

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