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UseTitan – A New PTC / GPT Solution?

UseTitan – A New PTC / GPT Solution?

A new PTC / GPT script has been released recently without creating a colossal fuss among the customers but expecting to conquest a slice of the sales’ pie, undoubtedly. It is written in ASP.NET framework which means that can be only run on Windows environment. UseTitan is the name of it.



The features are nearly as same as the ones you have already dealt with in other PTC sites which use different software and you won’t experience any difficulty either as admin or user. Considering the interface’s dexterity, your migration into this new groundwork will be accomplished in zero time.

The default design is very elegant and eye-catchy as long as you want to keep it, turning down the option of integrating a custom one. The option is given though.

The site can be translated into various languages with much easiness as the script’s developers promise, however English and Polish are pre-installed.

As for the major features themselves, these have no much difference comparing them with of other vendors’. Typical features such as the rented and direct referrals, Offerwalls, Grid Game, Crowdflower, and PTSU having different name (Refback Offer) are included. Facebook likes, the rewarding system with the name Trofees (not sure if they mean Trophies) and the Mochimedia game platform which gives the opportunity to the admin to earn commissions from advertising revenue, are among the special features the script has.

For forum, you are going to get a YaF platform and you will be happy as we were once we used it for the first time. Another form of communication between the users is the private message system which is included by default.

Something we noticed with this script is that everyone gets all the features even with the lowest price but of course, you won’t have access to latter addons in case you are willing to purchase the cheapest pack.

An advertiser can promote a page through the platform via regular exposure, banner advertising, Facebook likes and the Grid game.


Price & Mobility

The price is decent and starts from $89 for the cheapest pack. The script is customizable to the level of being an open code when you purchase the most expensive pack. The price used to be higher but due to the lack of sales this followed the downhill. Actually the only active PTC right now is the Centerbux (the first workable PTC online using this script) if you want to test the script in real time or do it from the demo provided here. Don’t forget something. The earnings are real (on centerbux). Some bugs were witnessed and some features are not yet activated but we are expecting them open for the public eye and take more idea later on.

Definitely a courageous decision for the vendors to create and release a new script in the middle of a continuous crisis and slow demise of the PTC industry. Good luck to them!


  1. I didn’t want to do this, but once again another coding person / company has forced me to.

    Hired “usetitan” to create a script for us and was promised it would only take a max time of 1-2 months. well 6 months later we find out we were lied to the whole time and no one was working on it. they also took our good faith deposit. We were promised a refund and yet here I am complaining and wasting my time. I will though continue to do this until I am refunded or they go completely our of business. If they start up another company I will find out and do the same to their next business.


    • I heard elsewhere that the main developer is somehow inactive from the script’s support so combining it with your testimony that makes sense.

    • Update on Usetitan:

      Received correspondence from owner and received a prompt refund. maybe there is hope for business ethics. Kudos!

      OK well apparently there are some issues with support over there which was promised to be resolved. Will be working with them in the future if everything goes smoothly with their adjustments.

    • Nice! Glad it was resolved promptly. :)

  2. Hello

    Sorry for such a long response time, but I haven’t noticed those comments here. Here is the whole situation explained (the member complaining here is ‘Social-Bux’) – everybody tells him here that errors are his fault but please read the whole discussion:,290156.msg2826358.html#msg2826358

    Because we value your (whoever you are, reader) time, that is why here is the short summary of the whole situation:

    Our customer couldn’t speak English, he wanted to report some errors but we couldn’t understand him. To help him anyway, we asked for the screenshots. As it turned out, he didn’t installed the website properly so he got the errors. But we were to blame in his opinion,even for hosting issues and everything.

    Thank you for your time.

    The UseTitan owner

    PS: We have this policy here: a good customer is satisfied customer. That is why, even if it’s wasn’t our fault AT ALL, we felt like we failed there.

  3. Expression of the paypal
    You paid for the item with one payment (items purchased with multiple payments are not eligible for Buyer Protection).
    The dispute is for tangible, physical goods that can be posted and are not prohibited by PayPal. Payments for intangibles, services, licences and other digital content are
    not protected.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about though i can assume that you are using a language translator and the outcome is kinda incomprehensible. It’s true that Paypal’s buyer protection doesn’t cover the transactions concerning intangible items.

  4. This is a test version. do not buy it if you buy it and not like it you do not return the money and lose your license. They are crooks. I have lost a 118 dollar

    • I don’t know what happened in your case but every software or service goes along with a refund policy. I don’t see something mentioned inside the refund policy of usetitan describing that “whenever you don’t like the script after the sale you qualify for refund”.!/page_refund

      Does the script contain bugs which the vendor denies to fix after an official report filed by you?

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