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Travel and Host With Airbnb While Making Money

Travel and Host With Airbnb While Making Money

Travelling within your country’s borders or going abroad attracts every type of person who has common interests such as visiting new destinations, enjoying local tastes, relaxing with traditional music, enjoying new attractions or just having fun. With Airbnb you can combine visiting and hosting in one place, as long as you take advantage of the variety of cost and quality of service when you decide travelling or earning money renting your house for a set amount of time to other members of Airbnb. Of course you are eligible to do both.


How It Works


For Travelers


As with every online application, a sign up procedure is needed but it’s not obligatory as you can sign in using your facebook account instead. As I’m not very fond of this social media network, I spent some time to do a sign up right away. When it comes to book a house for travelling you can use the search engine without being signed in so it gets even more accessible for internet users who scare to sign up before they decide seriously to be involved with Airbnb. You initiate a search by setting the city/village you are interested of and how many guests will accompany the group (if not alone). Other filters can be set in the next page when results are shown so you can target your research. Once you found a candidate you can firstly insert it to your wish list for easy success, then either declare interest, ask questions by sending pm to the host, or instantly booking it if available. In the last case pay attention whether the host seems active by looking at the last calendar update (s)he is keeping. A lot of chance for you to think that your favorite pick is available while the host has arranged a deal with someone else. You can’t imagine how disappointing can be when you receive the rejection even when gently it comes.


For hosts


You are not required to sign up a special form as a guest so we skip this step. To list your place is a very easy procedure. The feature is located next to your user name. Without doubt you can list whatever you own, either cave, tent or shared room. You just have to declare everything and in detail. The initial listing is fast but in order to have your place listed you need to complete 6 steps. Set price, tick the amenities box, upload photos, put the location on the map and fill out the description area with all the possible details. Being a host is very hard thing if someone expects to have success and earn money. From the first time you are in contact with future clients until the last moment you come back to salute them, you have to be perfect. Good management, and the daily responsiveness pays back. For me if someone has no experience in hosting is better to try first how it is as existing traveler on Airbnb so the experience will show you the way on, afterwards.


Overall feeling


 The site is nicely made, very simple but not simplified. Significant verifications are placed although optional, something that gives the impression that the site is not willing to violate people’s privacy. The mobile phone verification is the most common and it is something that I personally completed. Your phone number will be disclosed to the future host after booking. Other than that the communication is mainly via the pm system or email. Since Airbnb is something that requires physical presence in future better be trustworthy and you won’t lose especially as host. Generally I liked the level of communication between the users. I think almost everyone was very nice, gentle, clean, tidy, and interesting. I honestly have no complain so far.


What about the payments?


Firstly, Airbnb charges the guest with additional fee for the service. The host is not charged significantly except the payout fee. An additional cleaning fee can be set by the host and is declared beforehand. The guests have to pay attention on the cancelation policy which is set by the host and it is consisted of levels.

The guests can pay via card or paypal. The default payment method exists in the settings. The options to get paid in cash are three. Paypal, Western Union and Payoneer. A minimum amount for payout is needed to set by the host. You are required to declare a valid VAT ID if you live in European Union just to let you know so good luck.


Info Pages

For more info, visit the help page where everything is answered:

Or contact the support directly here:


Refer a member


Lately, Airbnb has announced a new promotional program where you are awarded for inviting friends or strangers on the site. The reward can go up to $100 per person for every qualifying reservation (up to $75 USD). The credit can be used in the form of coupon, one coupon at a time.

Wanna join us? Sign up here and enjoy the experience!!

One Comment

  1. Very nice article. I am glad you presented this opportunity to people, since not many are aware of this easy-way travelling and stay.

    I’ve been using Airbnb regularly (several times already), and I can confirm most of your words, so I won’t repeat it. The service is organized well when it comes to choosing your host, having insight of all the commodities the host offers, photos, available dates, as well as payment and its security.

    It is mostly safe service, since we have all available data about the host and his/her previous customers (their reviews). We can always choose those who rent their aps regularly, because they are a safer solution when it comes to cleanliness.

    Not to mention all the hospitality, help and instructions you won’t get when booking hotel.

    As you mentioned, this calendar thing is very problematic and I myself had problem with it several times. You see that the dates are available, rent it, wait for ages for a host to respond, and then (s)he tells you that he already arranged it with someone. Then you go to next one and you can lose a lot of your time.

    I must also say I am not completely content with the way the apartment search is organized. I would like to have more options available at the very start, not just the price and if it’s a room or entire place. I would like to have the selection available at the very beginning (size, location in the city, if it has hair dryer or not :D) and so on.

    All in all, I find Airbnb a great service.

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