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Traffic Witch and Traffic Gifts are abandoned?

Hello readers! To be honest we would never expect a TE network to end up like that, but the signs are severe. 2 days ago we received an info regarding Traffic Gifts and its unresponsiveness on paying the winners of the latest contest or at least everyone, as well as nobody was responsive in the support tickets (sign #1). Yesterday we had our own experience by trying to contact the support department but in no way we could use the support page due to technical issues. It seems to us that the issue was old and we are not expecting to get fixed ever. That was the sign #3.

The reason we wanted to draw attention on Traffic Gifts administration was the sign #2. A blatantly obvious violation of the site’s rules was going on, through the creation of multiple account IDs by a single user. Usually, the Traffic Gifts administration was prompt on removing this kind of cheating but not at this case.

Sign #4: Traffic Witch is the parent site of the network so we decided to open an account there. With no surprise realized that the registration process could not finish. Guess what. Due to technical issues again.

Most likely the sites are abandoned to their own fortune so don’t bother to use their services ever again if you haven’t confirmed that the admin cares again to come back on track. A friendly warning.

We are waiting your feedback or any extra info that could help determine what is really going on with these sites.

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