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Traffic Exchange Sites

List of sites we’ve been using for traffic



  1. Get Unlimited FREE Website Traffic At 247AutoHits!

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  2. Great tips! I also recommend that you use Planet-Traffic.

    It is an advertising site that has over
    400,000 registered users in its database from
    around the globe.

    Just think about this:

    If you use Planet-Traffic to get 300 signups for
    your downline realistically if your program is valuable
    about 50 of those individuals will find people to grow
    their downlines and on and on.

    That means not only will you have new members that
    want to spend money, they’ll also want to
    recruit others into your program as well.

    The fees to get started on Planet-Traffic are very
    reasonable so that you’ll have an opportunity to
    test with only a small budget to find out if it delivers results.

    There are also both U.S. only and international
    guaranteed referrals available.

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  4. Thanks for the advice. There’s a lot of ways to make money online but most of them take too long and are too hard.

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  6. Helpful advice! My top place to get traffic is You2Surf.

    It offers a 4 sec timer for free users with the Gold Hand Boost.

    It also has tons of Tier 1 traffic and accepts coop links.

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  7. Great advice! My favorite source for traffic is Hitlink because it accepts traffic exchange coop

    Hitlink offers full 1:1 ratio for free members, and even higher for Gold members.

    You can earn 10% of what your downline generates
    and 50% CASH commissions when your downline makes a

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  8. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been looking at everywhere for traffic exchange sites. I searched on Google and did not have much luck. I will check out those sites pretty soon!

    • You’re welcome! :)

    • Worldwide Free Traffic Exchange site Advertise absolutely Free

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  9. Are traffic exchanges difficult to learn how to use? Do you have to pay for them or do they only cost time? I’m new to the GPT world and need to build a downline but have little time and no money to spend. Any suggestions?

    • No it is very easy to learn how they work but require from you to devote quite some time every day. It’s free but if you want to go higher you can buy upgrade(s). With the Traffic exchange sites you can also earn money. The better source to build up a strong downline is via youtube or social networks by the way.

  10. The only traffic exchange I knew about was Easyhits4u but I also wanted to find some other similar to this one. The problem was that when i googled there were too many and i didn’t know which one to choose and had no guarantee. Anyway thanks for the list. It is very helpful.

  11. I didn’t know that about Google Adsense, thanks for sharing this. I’ve been using traffic exchanges for some months now, promoting a few programs. So far it’s going pretty good, making some good extra income and learning more about what traffic exchanges are the most responsive, how to build good downlines, what offers work best (affiliate marketing) and how to get the most out of my traffic exchange credits.

    One important thing is to surf on different traffic exchanges and try to keep your sites in rotation everywhere.

  12. I am really enjoying your site. You have a huge amount of useful information here. Look forward to reading all your future posts and thanks for all the info!!!

    • Glad you are enjoying it. You are welcome. :-)

  13. Wow, thanks for going to the trouble of finding this info:) Really useful for those considering using these sites, I think I will stay away to be on the safe side!

  14. Looking forward to the reviews, something I worry about with Traffic Exchange sites is the possible conflict with my Adsense account. Do you know if using any of the above sites are going to be contrary to Google’s ToS regarding traffic?

  15. Hey, can’t wait for this part to get up and running! Sounds interesting from the comments listed above. I love learning about all the different methods to generate traffic. Knowledge is power!

    • Will be soon ready. Sorry for the delay. I got very busy with my main work lately. :-(

  16. I know you have not posted anything in this section yet, but I wanted to say that traffic exchanges are a great way to add subscribers to your mailing lists and get downlines for your PTC sites. They are also good for selling products that are geared towards the IM and MMO crowds.

    Even though many TEs give the incentive to surf by having cash prizes of various kinds, it is not a stable way to earn an income. An arguement could be said that if you grow your downlines in the TEs, you can earn from the commisions of their purchases and upgrades. Yes, but then you are using TEs to advertise TEs and there is already too much of that going on.

    I have been using TEs since around 2005 and I currently opened my own.

    Also, sorry for the typos, but for some reason this form (and on other WP blogs) you can’t correct your errors. You can only go to the beginning or the end of your post. Silly scripts! LOL

    ~ Barbara

    • Well yes, although you commented in a currently empty page, your comment contains valuable info. I personally use them to create connections and receive hits expecting a decent conversion. I have earned cash out of TEs but as you pointed out, it’s not something permanent. I’ve been aware of persons who doing TEs for ages having incredible downlines and earn commissions so can be possible for everyone (not the same time).

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