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Traffic Exchange Sites – Volume 1

Traffic Exchange sites is a nice source used for promoting your favourite programs, marketing online and building your online contact list. There will be a series of TEs that we will be introducing to you so hang on and focus here. We chose to start with two TEs that cannot be  characterized as the TOP ones but we like to be part of them because of their uniqueness and the option that give of being a member of a team or creating one.

TrafficeraTrafficEra – Time to Connect Since the year of 2008 TrafficEra has been delivering quality traffic alongside with the option of creating personal contact with other users as well as groups which are being used as forum board. By quality traffic we don’t compare it with the organic traffic coming from the search engines which is the way to go whatsoever, however TERA provides a tool we like much, the bookmark tool and the user can bookmark the site that is being watched and continue the surfing undisturbed. Another thing we like is the professional looking of the site which is created and operated by Logiscape Technologies Inc., a Canadian company founded in 2001 by Tyler Huculak and Kramer Huculak. Other 4 siter TE sites are inside the network (TS25, Hitsilo, TrafficPods & Hitpulse). A useful for attending what is goin on with the logiscape promos is the following page: Logipromos

Surfing is boring, would you like to surf all alone? No way!! In fact, TrafficEra is the best place to avoid loneliness. Except of the above mentioned at TrafficEra you have the opportunity to join a team with multiple benefit. Firstly, you gain more traffic credits, secondly you promote yourself and your programs in the team chat, last but not least you meet new people with same interest, the interest of making money online; you make friends, you socialize! Apart from the splash or the squeeze pages and the opt. lists and the auto-responders you cannot be more direct than be in contact with in real time. TrafficEra like the other TE sites of logiscape is not an easy concept to comprehend in no time. You need to0 read some things first and and read and read and read. We don’t want to write a long guide containing unknown terms such as logibucks, loyalty points, tokens etc. You can read the detailed FAQ knowledge base and learn the things little by little. 

TrafficswirlTrafficSwirl – Playing and socializing Indeed, this TE is getting viral. It’s a nice place to hang around for a while and the fast delivery of the traffic is highly noticeable. We like it!! John Bell, the owner and admin of TrafficSwirl who is also operates other sites (e.g. Affiliate Toolbox ) has been making improvements satisfying his members expectations. The site is full of games, promos and contests. Swirly paws, Rapid Win game, surfing promos. Except the traffic you receive the site gives away free money, yes you can earn money out of TEs, interesting? First off all, once you register at TrafficSwirl you are taken credit with $1 and 100 traffic credits. Every Monday you can find hidden monetary prizes up to $10 at swirly paws, just roll out the dices and claim your prize. :) Every Friday, five members who have surfed more than 5 pages are randomly selected and win $5 each. Such as TERA, TrafficSwirl organizes a weekly race and awards the best teams and surfers with small prizes. You have a rank based on the achievements you have completed. You earn reward points that can be converted into team surf points, credits or rapid win picks. The socializing part here includes the chat where every member can participate in public but always you can communicate with someone by using the whispering feature. You have a profile where you can share you twitter feeds or random messages. Also, every member can post in your profile’s page in public or privately. Instead of contacts you have friends and the pm system is not the typical one as we’ve already mentioned. Everytime your page is being rotated your profile is shown along with your social networks. Just go in your profile settings and fill in the social network IDs of you. You can even add your autoresponders ID (currently Aweber and TrafficWave is available) and the users can subscribe with one clicking, such easy. So what are you waiting? Shall you come and swirl with us? :)

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