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The 10 Most Beautiful PTC Templates

This blog entry is rather relaxing than helpful as well as a poll between the Earning Area readers about the most beautiful PTC templates currently. The selection became strictly out of personal taste and has nothing to do with the value of the following sites as safe, worthwhile earning sources. How joyful this entry could be without a poll? We created one for you to keep you involved with the debate. Unfortunately, you must pick only one. I know it is very hard because the vast majority of them is fabulous if not all but give it a shot and vote please!

You can be commenting either in the poll, the image carousel or the regular comment section. Your feedback is important to us so please participate. :-)


Note #1: The sites have been put in alphabetic order.

Note #2: You have the option to recommend another template. Choose “Other” and write which one.

The poll has been closed. Thanks for the participation.


  1. The sites you listed are how I like my PTC sites to look like, neat, simple and very organized. When a site is cluttered, I lose interest and it seems like a scam to me at first glance. Hopefully, if existing PTC sites or sites in development will came across this post and have an idea of less is more.

  2. Sincerely, I’m not very fond of the most of the templates you posted here, but I chose Cashnhits (only because of nice Earnings area page), although it’s not my “type” either.
    I haven’t noticed that I can recommend other site, so, as for the aesthetics, simplicity and choice of colours, my favourite is Clicks4Cents. I looove military green.
    When it comes to complete impression, complexity, features and responsiveness, TreasureTrooper is on the top.

    From the sites you posted (aesthetics) I find ClixSense least annoying and most original. The rest of them (together with Neo) give some negative “God, they are all the same and crowded” vibe.
    I won’t comment “the responsiveness” of these sites, as it is not the topic of your entry. :)

    • Thanks for the feedback Ivana. Actually there is a “other” option in the poll where you can declare a different site of your choice, however you gave an analytic idea of your personal taste and that’s pretty fine. So military green it is? Cool!

      Worth mentioning that some sites are designed by the same company and use the same script as well.

      Cheers. :-))

  3. These are really good templates. Stimulated more creative juices from my brain. :-)

  4. Most of the PTC websites that I had noticed run either the Aurora script, which is designed by someone with no sense of design, and that other is the bux script, which simply looks like clone websites all over.

    All lasting PTC websites like Neobux and Clixsense have their own designs and they never had to look for any scripts. And as a result their designs are unique, though I had seen clones of their websites too.

    As for the templates that you posted above, are they up for grabs? :-)

    • As for the templates that you posted above, are they up for grabs? :-)

      Lol sorta!! Worth to mention that ibuxers is based on a Aurora version, however managed to implement a neat design. For me, aesthetics are optional but on some level reflect the dedication of the owner and generate more sales.

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