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SurveyHead is a survey site that was founded in 2008 by the same founders of (1999 – 2005). After the successful sale to a public competitor, a new company was created under the name United Sample, Inc. which has been operating SurveyHead since then. One of the reason we decided to write about SurveyHead is because offers its services internationally.

Is the company credible?

SurveyHead is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited company (see here), however we have noticed many complaint reports either at BBB complaint center or at other sources such as the Ripoff Report site:

For the fairness’ sake we noticed that always a SurveyHead‘s representative tries to deal with the customer complaints without being able to verify whether all the bunch of cases are solved in the customer’s favor in case they have a valid reason to complain.


Are surveys enough for all?

Although its international orientation, the surveys delivered to the countries outside the USA, Canada and UK are limited in number while the cashout minimum is $35 (for a Paypal withdrawal). Make sure that you have completed all the profile surveys in order to maximize the possibilities of getting more surveys as well as earning few extra rewards.

Profile Picture



Downsides of the program

One of the major downsides is the lack of a referral program, a factor that makes SurveyHead even harder for the international users who get it difficult to accumulate the minimum payout amount.

Additionally, sometimes the approval of a single survey can take up to 6 weeks creating further frustration to the users. Something like that:



Like in every survey site you may get blocked in the middle of a survey receiving a message such as “we are very sorry, but the spots of your group belonged are expired”, or “you are not comply with the standards asked” etc. while you have already answered in few questions and you have given details of yourself. Very frustrating! Many of you might have hit your fist on the table after that. :-D



Paypal is the only cash option and the minimum amount is set at $35. When you are eligible for redemption a button will appear on your “Rewards” Tab. Payments are being sent within 3-4 weeks. Other than Paypal, with SurveyHead you can redeem your cash into prepaid card value ($25, $50). Your reward catalog is located here.

If you are generous enough and you decided to donate your money in charity, a lot of option are available (e.g., American Red Cross, WWF, FEED THE CHILDREN etc.). The minimum is set at $25. Your donation catalog is located here.


Important Links

Terms of Service, FAQ, Contact

UpdateUpdate, March 13, 2013: SurveyHead is being re-branded to iPoll. Actually, iPoll was a Iphone & Android application which was implemented and working with SurveyHead simultaneously since few months ago but as the message on SurveyHead’s home page warns, they are going to merge those 2 to one. As the company is assuring, that all the rewards and account information will be carried over to iPoll.



  1. Hey guys! Here are the best sites where you can get paid
    to take surveys and complete tasks and offers.

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  2. I really like the ipoll app. It does really make it convenient to take surveys, but there aren’t that many available even after you fill out the profiles on

  3. Surveyhead can be frustrating, because it takes so long for them to credit. They are very slow to pay, too. It took 14 business days for them to approve my $50 Paypal cash out, and another 8 business days for it to actually land in my account. But, they do offer good surveys that pay big bucks. I took one earlier this summer on dog food, with a follow up live IM chat survey. That survey alone paid me $50.

    They also have a new smartphone App called iPoll, and I earn a few extra dollars a week with that alone. The local polls and mobile surveys are credited instantly, never pending, so if I am close to being able to cash out I can walk around the mall and do polls for $0.10 until I get to my cash out minimum. I typically cadh out for Amazon gift cards, which is a minimum $50 cash out.

  4. Some survey’s are difficult to qualify for at first, but eventually money comes in little by litte. SurveyHead also has an app which has been helpful for some change here and there, but it is very convenient, although it is best to have a smart phone for their app.

  5. So far from what i have seen from Survey head it isn’t a good site. The surveys are very hard to qualify for and than most of the times you get all the way to the end and finish the survey than it says they have enough people already so u do the survey and don’t get paid. I do not like this site at all

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