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SpiderMetrix is an international, old and established survey site based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2000 by Jerry Evas and his team. Only the years that have passed ensure that we are talking about a trusted source of income and the profit is mainly based on your activity and the location where you live. Like in every survey site some locations have been receiving more surveys while some others once in a while but since you will being notified via e-mail for every survey that is available to you, you are not obligated to visit the site in order to check back every time, hence you are not wasting valuable internet time.


Is it free to become a spider?

First of all, spider is called every registered member in the slang language of SpiderMetrix. The users automatically acquire extra sub-names (Spider Species) such as Black widow, Funnel Web etc. but this is just for the fun of it. :-)


SpiderPoints, virtual currency again?

Relax, it is not monopoly money. On contrary, a currency which you can redeem by buying a gift in the gift shop (currently unavailable), by exchanging it with an amazon voucher or by requesting a payment via paypal once you have collected the minimum amount. More details about the options mentioned above will be presented shortly. SpiderPoints is your reward when you complete successfully a spiderCheck or one of your referrals do the same.


SpiderCheck, what is that again?

Call it survey if you feel more used to this term, although there are 3 types of spiderChecks. The Quickies, a Trial &  the Ratings. A Quickie is normally one question for one spiderPoint. A Trial (normally between 4 to 6 questions, worth about 10 spiderPoints) you will be able to complete it only once. The ratings is the full survey session you need to complete and earn the more SpiderPoints out of this program. Be accurate during the assessment and try to complete the survey as fast as you can because a particular group must have a limited number of participants allowed. Don’t forget to complete your profile surveys. Except the SpiderPoints you earn, you let the system learn you better. Also, some SpiderChecks could award you with no SpiderPoints but with only a chance to win a particular prize.



You can refer an unlimited number of users and your award is 1 SpiderPoint everytime one of your referrals completes a SpiderCheck.



We already mentioned the ways you can convert the SpiderPoints into usable manner. You can even donate the points to charity. Basically, you can either receive an Amazon Voucher or request a payment via Paypal. Here are the available ladders for that:

Amazon Vouchers

$30 ? 200 points, $50 ? 300 points, $75 ? 450 points, $100 ? 600 points, $125 ? 750 points, $150 ? 900 points, $200 ? 1200 points


$50 ? 300 points, $75 ? 450 points, $100 ? 600 points, $125 ? 750 points, $150 ? 900 points, $200 ? 1200 points


$1 ? 12 points, $2 ? 18 points, $5 ? 46 points, $10 ? 82 points, $20 ? 160 points

Important note: Australian Dollars are used as currency instead of United States Dollars.


Important Links

Contact us, FAQ, SpiderVoice Forum, Policy

Feel free to register an account here.


  1. is it true that people residing outside Australia will get a very little survey and it will take years to be able to get mininum point of 300. 1 am a malaysian

  2. I would really not recommend spidermetrix to people residing outside of Australia. You get super little surveys, and it takes many many years to be able to cashout since now minimum is 300 points for 50 dollars. >.<

  3. Most outstanding Website. Now I can enjoy doing a survey to earn points…

  4. This sounds alright, I’ve found it difficult to find reliable survey sites. Any idea if they take people from the UK?

  5. I vaguely remember using Spidermetrix back in the day and earning some money from it, I wasn’t aware they were still around! Thanks for posting this! Hopefully they also still allow members from Canada to join. Finding sites that accept Canadians is always a task for sure :/

    • Well, Canada is accepted by SpiderMetrix as well as is accepted almost by any other site except for the ones which are for US residents only, so you should consider yourself lucky enough. :)

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