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Site is down. Stop panicking!

Site is down. Stop panicking!

There is an inevitable principle in the whole internet. Sites go down for several reasons such as moving servers, technical issues, scheduled maintenance etc. Some users start panicking shouting scam, filing disputes for paid and not delivered yet services and the list goes on.

First advice. Take a deep breath. Then start investigate the possible causes.

Is it just me or down for everyone?

Identify whether you are the only one who can reach the site’s server successfully or the server is blocking you for some reason. A good way is to check if someone else from a different location is experiencing the same downtime. A neat tool to check on, is THIS site. If so, then you identified the following: Two computers with separate connections cannot connect to the site. Are you sure 100% that there is no coincidence involved? Check if a third computer loaded the site successfully. Usually, proxies are misused but now it is your accurate guide. For instance check with the following one here. There is a bunch of those, check with whichever you like. The Opera users can check by enabling the opera turbo feature for a while, because it uses proxy. So what is it happening? Is it just you?

It is just me. What can i do?

Here is some cures to your problems:

  1. Clear your DNS Cache. Surfing the internet for a long some data stored can inflict DNS corruption. Flushing it may solve your problems. How to do that? (For Windows users only? sorry to the rest.) Follow the steps: Click on Start -> Run and type cmd. Hit Enter next. In the pop up window type “ipconfig/flushdns” without the quotes. Done!
  2. Clear your browser’s cache & cookies. Easy procedure, different from browser to browser. Firefox: from the pull down menu select Tools -> Clear recent history, Chrome: Click on the wrench icon then Tools -> Clear Browsing data.., Internet Explorer: Click on the tools icon, then Safety -> Delete browsing history, Safari: From the pull down menu Edit -> Reset Safari, Opera: From the pull down menu Tools -> Delete private data
  3. For some unidentified reason site’s server block you. This is an exclusive advantage of the internet users whose their connections are assigned with dynamic IP. Reboot your modem/router just by switching on/off, wait few seconds and switch it on again. Your IP should have changed. Just in case check with THIS site. If that was the reason the site is reachable now.
  4. Site is moving servers. In that case the new nameservers need some time (up to 48 hours) to get updated in all over the world. A good tip to minimize the time is if you used an open public DNS such as Google DNS (primary DNS server: or secondary DNS server: For reading the instructions how to so, visit the following link by Google here.
Always check for updates via e-mail notification or visit some related forums or blogs for news. Nonetheless, something unexpected could happen so again, stay calm. :-)


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