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Sign Up At And Start Building Your Online Income On Steady Base

Sign Up At And Start Building Your Online Income On Steady Base

Many of you must have heard of, a large portal which connects employers and workers. For the ones that it’s the first time of reading this name we are glad to present it to you here at Earnings Area. Do you have any skill such as web designing, writing, translating, giving legal advices etc.? You just found the most legit place for taking advantages of your skills converting them into cash. Of course the list of the job categories listed in the site goes on and on. We are sure that everyone looking at this long list, would find something that it suits his/her skills or even more. So after registering at you must pass some verification procedures in order to activate your account in full mode (e-mail, phone number, name etc.). Then you have to complete your profile description by filling in a short description about yourself, your degrees (whether you have), past experience in certain areas and also the categories where contain jobs you are interested to be candidate of. As a free member you can pick up to 20 different categories. We recommend to anyone who is shy to try the ones which require expert skill, the data entry jobs is most likely for everyone who has average knowledge of using a computer. So browsing the categories you can find threads where employers specify requirements and further details. You can bid at the threads you feel competent by declaring the amount of money you need to be paid as well as the time frame you need in order to complete the job. Then the employer decides which one is the most worthwhile bid. There are tests offered to complete and with these having them passed you are favorable for more job opportunities. Great downside of this system is that you need to pay for having yourself being tested. Awesome! :P

The system uses an escrow system for protecting the transactions between employer and worker. The payment and payout options vary (paypal, moneybookers, payoneer card *, credit card **,  wire transfer *).

* Only for payouts
** Only for deposits


  1. I tried this web site before, but to be honest I didn’t like it. I think it’s great for the people who are looking for bargains and getting content for good prices.

    However, I don’t think this site is the best option for full-time freelance writers, but I think it’s great place to start for all those new freelance writers who would like to gain some experience in this field.

  2. Thanks for this, I’ve never heard of before. I actually have some free time coming up when my holiday starts in December, so I’m thinking, “why not join this site?”. I was initially concerned with the same thing as SarahLizzie, but I think with the many categories there, there might be potentials for a hopeful newbie.

  3. I started my freelance writing career on this site back in 2007 when it was There are tons of jobs available to be bid on in many different categories. Back then my only worry was the low prices being bid for projects and getting paid. these issues were solved as the now have a debit card you can receive and other online payment processors. Since then i have moved on with my career as a freelancer content writer and I must thank freelancer for that.

  4. This is the first this website has been introduced to me. After reviewing the site, I am eager to sign up and take part. It seems to be an excellent source for earning income.

    The only part that worries me is it says the freelancer is paid once the employer is satisfied for the project. Finding out the rejection rate on projects is something I am going to be looking into upon registration on the site.

    • The freelancer can work with the employer for the best result so whether you have the needed qualifications you have nothing to worry about. Also, the freelancer can ask for money upfront before they have the job done but this is up to freelancer. By passing certain exams you maximize the chances for being selected from an employer. Unfortunately you have to pay a fee for this but can be worth in the long run. The category list is enormous so measure your skills, place your bid and have a good luck. :-)

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