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Secure Your Work While Completing Offers

Secure Your Work While Completing Offers

   Completing offers is a nice way for making money online and it can be accomplished through the various networks that cooperate mainly with GPT and lately with some major PTC sites. TrialPay, PaymentWall, Matomy, TokenAds to name some of these networks. So you have to deal (without having in mind) with three systems while you complete offers such as downloading and installing software, subscribing to or buying a service claiming a cashback, completing surveys etc.. The site as an affiliate, the network as a correspondent and the service-site, the one you complete the offer for (the advertiser).

   So, through this complex systematic procedure some lags, bugs or glitches may occur from time to time. A common mistake of the users and mostly happens to the newbies is their false and unrealistic perception that everything are recorded and nothing is going to go in vain. Merely false. And this came by experience. We are not saying that you must not trust all these systems and the way they operate but out of respect for your work, secure your hard earned money, points, tokens, credits or whatever you manage to earn when you complete an offer.

   Taking screenshots is one way to accomplish this task but has a major downside. It is not dynamic and in real time. Some people prefer it because it is an easy way. PrintScreen ? Ctrl +V on Windows’ Paint ? Save as and there you go. Hmm…We don’t like that. We need an undeniable proof that we got the job done and deserve payment. Screen Recorders come in handy. They’re very easy to use, no previous experience is needed and you can create very quality videos. A good free of charge option for recording is the CamStudio (open source software), which except for free, is very easy to learn and to use. For those users who need more and more there is always some paid solutions like the Camtasia Studio. We don’t suggest it primarily because of the price but you can purchase it if you are interested in video marketing, however this is different story. Nevertheless, you can download the 30-day free trial to satisfy your curiosity and take a decision for yourselves. When you have done with the recording and save the file you can upload it to a video exposuring service such as Youtube.

   A hint. While you record, sensitive info can be documented and you don’t want that to be published online. So, don’t forget to edit some parts of the video which disclose such kind of personal info before you go viral. :)


  1. …is that a lot of time you have to spend money to complete these offers and then you only get pennies in return. It doesn’t seem fair, which is why I typically avoid them. I’ve yet to find a way around this either.

  2. The problem with most GPT sites is that their pay is terrible. It does not justify us spending us quite some time on completing the offer and then getting pennies for it. The GPT sites seem to make more than what we make. I suggest its better to stay off such GPT websites.

    But there are some GPT websites who promote CPA offers. The GPT websites shall make a minimum $1 per offer completed, and thus, we shall make a bit too.

    • I agree. It has taken me nearly 6 mths to earn $2! That is crazy. The only reason I still do it is because I do surveys or other things in a diffrent window while I wait to be credited.

    • You could earn $2 per day, trust me. Are we talking about the same thing? Offers in US users are delivered in plethora.

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