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Rate it all!! Another paid to review site

Rate it all!! Another paid to review site

As the name predisposes you can rate everything that you can thing of in this site. RateItAll is a review site embodied with an installment of social networking. The users are able to complete reviews for consumer products and services, miscellaneous things such as totally important or unimportant incidents, recordings, issues, occurrences etc.  hoping that they can attract readability, hence conversion and earning.


RateItAll was founded in 1999 by Lawrence Coburn, a software entrepreneur. It is the competitor of Epinions -a site that has been listed in our page lately- and they started together in this area, the same year actually. It is well-established so you can be assured that your time is not going to get lost. It’s being funded by various funds and individuals including Accelerator Ventures, JAIC America and Pacific I&T Ventures.

First Glance

At first glance the site doesn’t attract the common view readily. If the visitor came from a search engine’s search, it would likely close the tab to go on the next result in case (s)he was mainly got interested by a beautiful template. Earnings Area would disagree with this type of user since it rather looks at the more essential elements of a building rather than the sensibility/aesthetics. Except the main body (and what it remains?), the header and the footer are nicely stuffed with important info so the newcomer won’t have hard time to get informed for the basics and start working on the reviews. Of course I’m talking about the users who hadn’t the chance to follow this reading and squeeze it up to the end. :p A tiny negative is that they haven’t updated the country list and in some case gives a feeling of confusion.

First Steps

The main purpose of the site is to publish reviews so why you don’t start doing it right away? Click on the “Write a Review” tab and with the help of the internal search engine you search the topic you could be mostly superior at to make a fresh start. Alternatively check the categories located at the header. There is not certain guidelines places. Just behave yourself. In case you are unsure check the site rules and try to avoid the restrictions ? Site Rules. In general it’s like you rate a movie using the star system and adding a comment. So easy. :) Normally, we should list the following info in different sub-part but in this case arrange it as quickly as possible. There is no payment getaway for this service, meaning you don’t accumulate money and cash out them. In order to earn cash you must connect your Google Adsense account. It can be achieved from your account’s settings. Check the link in your profile. If you are not a Google Adsense account holder then create one. You don’t have to worry about your blog. Create one with blogger, publish an article let’s say for gardening and have your account reviewed. Then connect it with RateItAll account otherwise you ain’t gonna see a single bloody cent! :p

About Reviews, Lists and Items

What Reviews and Lists have to do with your earnings? First of all, except of reviews you can publish your own list. Simply, visit your profile and click on the “create a list” yellow tag, choose a title and connect with a current category. For instance: Title:  Best Russian Beers, Category: Drink, Subcategory: Spirits Then add description, photo and adjust the rating description according to the topic of your list unless you want to keep the default ones. Don’t forget to add tags. For more info about the lists and how you can manage them, visit the following URL -> Info about lists. Well, so going back to what we were saying, by having your review for a certain item on the top, you gain the opportunity to earn money via the Adsense banner which is located on the top of all. You can earn revenue from every list you create or for every item you add when it is approved. For more info consult in this page -> Revenue Sharing 


That’s an option part of the site but you never know how valuable can be diverted for you. First way to find out members with common interests is via the quizzes. Quizzes are very similar to reviews in the terms of formality. You rate and put a description to every item pops up (e.g. music bands). You have the option to skip items if you are incapable of declaring your opinion. When you finish. Voila! You have a listing with suggested users with common interest in particular area. Other than that, you can visit everyone’s profile and click on the “Follow me” button. It’s a request if accepted. Otherwise move on.


There is no existed. But relax. As explained above you can earn only by connecting your Adsense account and for some may sound more comfortable. It’s international and no country borders are enabled like in other sites. If you are a blogger, you must have already held an Adsense account. If not yet then the most easy way is by opening a blog using Publish an article complied with Google Adsense’s guidelines and get approved.

Local Businesses

This is totally unrelated with the purpose of Earnings Area but if you have been operating a local business, you can list it on RateItAll. A good way to have your business get listed in a popular portal for free. cross your hands for good reviews. Be a good professional, there is no other way. ;p

Bottom Line

It’s safe and you can try it. Consider it as a forum. The rules are quite soft and you can publish freely whatever you like so don’t stress much about the quality of your reviews. Just be yourself. The topics are so broad in variety and there is also huge space for new ones so as a newbie you don’t have to be afraid that you are late with it. Nonethelessm, the earnings are striclty depended by your own performance and your skill to drive readiness to your reviews, lists and items.


  1. Oaw! Really nice article. i am goint to bookmark this ..


  2. Well, I liked this idea until I saw you needed an Adsense account. I like to read other people’s content and review but wouldn’t be very good at starting something up by myself. When it comes to publishing content to be accepted for Adsense, I would fail miserably! Lucky for me there are tons more ideas on this site!

    • I too was interested until I saw you needed an Adsense account. I actually know nothing about it so, guess this one is not for me.

  3. Useful information,this website seems a good way to make some money online but the problem for me is that i do not have an adsense account.I have tried many times to open one but adsense won’t accept me.anyone could help me ?

    • Open a blog, publish some content and then apply for a new Adsense account. You could also do it via sites like Hubpages for instance and apply for a new Adsense through their platform even though you have to publish 10 hubs when it comes to Hubpages before you are considered eligible.

  4. I have an AdSense account that I’ve never been able to earn anything with. I’ve tried attaching it to various sites that have requested me to do so. Have you ever made any money through one of these sites via AdSense?

    • I have better luck with AdSense and blogs. It works better this way. :)

    • I have the same problem, I figure I must be doing something wrong or just not getting enough attention to my blog.

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