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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.0250% (2 ref. levels)Unpredictable$25On the 15th of
the following month

Hits4Pay is a Paid To Read (PTR) site where member can make money online by reading advertisement emails. However, unlike similar sites, Hits4Pay members will just get an email alert into their inbox. To actually read the advertisement, they have to log into their account. Hits4Pay is open for international members. At sign up Hits4Pay offers a $5 sign up bonus.

Personal earnings: Members get $0.02 for every read advertisement. The ad has to stay open at the browser for 90 sec. On average, US/Canada/UK members get around 3-5 ads each day. International members get much less. Ads are not evenly available. Members might experience weeks without any ads and then they will get 10-20 ads on one day. Furthermore, the email alerts sometimes fail. It is recommended to log into Hits4Pay once a day to make sure not to miss any ads.

Referral earnings: Hits4Pay has a two levels referral model with 50% ($0.01) referral earnings at each level.

Sign up: At sign up, the member’s email address has to get manually approved by the Hits4Pay admin. This might take up to 24 hours.

Payouts: Hits4Pay has a $25 payout limit. Payout is automatically processed at the 15th of the month after the month members reach the payout limit. Members might have to provide some tax related information at their first payout.

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Trivia: Unique script, online since April 2001, owned by Multiple Stream Media LLC, CEO: Abe Cherian.

Hits4Pay is great on paper. A click rate of $0.02 and two levels of 50% referral earnings is probably the best you can get at any established PTC or PTR site. However, the low number of available ads and the high payout limit makes it a really long journey for members to reach payout with their own clicks. International members will need years for this. Hits4Pay can therefore just be recommended to US/Canada/UK users and members who can recruit a lot referrals to help them reaching payout faster.


  • $0.02 click rate for each ad
  • Two level referral structure with 50% referral earnings each level
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Well established site with a long history


  • High payout limit
  • Few Advertisements


  1. Is hits4pay really honestly worth it if you are not going to get referrals with them? I mean, you could make 8 cents a day which is decent for a ptc site. However, at a cashout of $25 that would take me 312 days! Therefore just under a year of devoting 10 minutes per day! Also can you keep the balance in your account to gain higher amounts to cashout or is it an automatic cashout once you hit the minimum?

    • Commissions are paid monthly when members reach the minimum of $25.00 (The minimum payment amount).

  2. The situation is being normalized, so you could consider all the possibles legit options you have in front to earn the most out of this site.

  3. Hi there :) I was just wondering if you had any update to share with us regarding the Hits4Pay upgrading? I have used this site for about two years in my spare time and I’ve really wanted to upgrade – but with the slow payments I’ve been wary of spending my money there. Thanks!

    • I don’t have a clear answer to give right now. It seems that Hits4Pay is still in quarantine and tries to recover. I would suggest you to not spend money for the time being. Unfortunately.

  4. thanks!

  5. I am currently a member of Hits4Pay and was considering upgrading my membership. I have recently read a few articles that state that Hits4pay is late on its payments to its members. Can anyone shed any light on this subject?

    • Yes, they are late in paying the users but have been trying to get back on track. I would say hold off for a while till the following month and i will make an update regarding this issue. For the time being they try to resolve all these delays and stay active. According to them, there is a lack in the number of staff that causes the delays.

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