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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.001 - $0.013% Per Ref. Clickno guarantee$10InstantPaypal

Note: The values represent the ones of standard membership. For more info about the rest benefits of upgraded members please visit the Wordlinx upgrade page here or look at the details area.

Types of ads:  Micro and Standard ads ($0.001 & $0..01) You don’t need to wait for a reset. Click and watch an ad when it is available.

Personal click rate: $0.001 for every micro & and $0.01 for every standard advertisement.

Referral click rate: This depends on the membership and the value is not fixed. As a basic member you get the 3% and the rest upgraded users receive the 10% of click value.

Types of memberships: Basic, Verified, Verified Plus & Pro. Of course the basic membership is free. For the the rest you can refer on the upgrade page where you can compare features and prices. Click here (you have to be logged in to view this page).

Referrals: Wordlinx has not set referral limits. You can have as much as you want. You can from a ten level downline system as well (click here). Rented or bought refs are not provided. So referring is the way to increase your earning level here. Except the ref. clicks you earn from sales your referral makes, ref. upgrades (only for upgraded) and bonus for every ref. you refer when they become active after a certain number of watched ads.

Sharing feature: In every $0.01 you will the “share” link. Click on it and share the advertised site in social networks. The visitors will view the advertised site and you have the chance to have them in your downline.

Coin Bonus: It’s an extra incentive and you have nothing to do in order to acquire it. Depending on the membership you have, you will receive an extra bonus when you reach the $3, $6 & $9 threshold. You will notice them above the ads area.

Payouts: The minimum cashout value is set at $10 and you can get paid via Paypal. A new requirement premises referral earnings of $0.1 minimum before you request a payout (June 07, 2013 ~ This requirement has been temporarily remove for the time being).

Communication: ContactForumFacebookTwitterGoogle Plus

Important Links: FAQPrivacy policy

Trivia: Custom Script, it’s the oldest PTC out there (since 2003) and is run by Rogue.

Wordlinx is not as popular it should deserve to be. Except the earning part is a very reliable source for promoting your favorite programs. Some neat & unique implementations may attract more users to join.


  • Cheap upgrades
  • Forum Community
  • Different ways of PTC earning
  • Sustainable structure and longstanding record


  • High minimum payout limit for solo clickers
  • Nothing else except the PTC earning










  1. A friend of mine was doing this site not to long ago and it sounds pretty good. But she told me that it took her months just to reach the 10 cash out. Not sure, if it’s lack on the site’s part or maybe she just didn’t but the time needed into it. But she said she did it just about every other day and that they only sent her maybe 2 emails a week and at the rate of 2 a week paying a cent that is very time consuming and it’d be very hard to get up to anything. I think for sites like this they should let people cash out at a lot early than ten bucks. I think the cash out should be a dollar on all sites like this. Seeing as it takes so long to get even a dollar due to the lack of ads to earn from. But that’s just me. I do however have two sites that i do that are similar to this but they are easier to understand and they give you a bonus for singing up. I think the cash out is 20 not sure would have to check don’t even remember but i can find out i have been doing them for about a month now and so far i am happy with them. They are clear and easy to understand and they send quite a few adds. There are times i have over 20 ads to earn from. One pays a cent each add the other pays 2 cents an add. They are DealsNCash and Hits4pay i like them because their payment ways are easy to understand and the site is as well there is no run around or confusing things about them. So i would recommend those two sites to place up here with the others.

    • Yes it’s hard to reach the 10 dollar cashout limit only by your own clicks and it’s something that it’s addressed at “bottom line”. Project X was a nice implementation for those who are good at referring though. As for DealsNCash and Hits4pay I can’t find any great difference between them and Wordlinx in the terms of earning more fast. Additionally DealsNCash restricts the registration to international users and Hits4Pay provides less or no advertisements in them. However, we will add Hits4pay in the new PTR section which we are planning to introduce.

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