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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
100% of click value10% per ref. click10 minimum$1.00 first cashoutup to 5 daysPaypalPayza

GPTPlanet is the sister site of Scarlet Clicks and has a already an acting record of a couple of years in PTC world. It changed script and design recently but except those changes, no significant variations are noticeable.

Personal Earnings: The personal earnings are something close to 1 cent per day without counting the PTSU offers. Considering this, you could resign from your job to start earning with GPTPlanet. Nope, reconsider please. :p

Referral Earnings: It is 10% per click value for the standard users and can go up to 150% for the most lucrative membership. Not that high for a member without upgrade.

Upgrades: Many upgrade packages which you can choose from. Look at the upgrade page for more info. ? Upgrade Page

Referrals: After the change of script they have added rented referrals too. Bought referrals are available as option but not been shown in horizon. The direct refs are still there and can be referred without limitation in number.

PTSU: It has, but nothing special. Neobux, ClixSense and few more.

Advertising service: Still not tested (Pending)

Payouts: The minimum payout is set at the fixed price of $1 via Paypal and $1.02 via Payza every time you want to request a payment and are paid within 24-72 hours after request.

Communication: Forum, Contact

Important links: FAQ (empty – ridiculus), ToS, News

Trivia: The site used to be running  on Aurora version but recently switched to PTCEvolution V4. It is owned and administrated by Dimitris Kornelatos since 2010.

GPTPlanet performed a lifting like the flagship Scarlet-Clicks did. The site has history, however we are cautious about the longevity of it. Rented refs is a dangerous toy in amateur hands. Keep an eye on that. The admin though is cool is not very pro.


  • Old PTC
  • Stable Rates


  • Amateur Admin
  • Lots of changes lately