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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.0001 - $0.005$0.0001 - $0.001610+$2Every SaturdayPaypalPayza
Many technical problems and payment delays are noticed lately. The admin neglected the site because he is too busy with the rest ones (investment or non investment). The site is no longer suggested. Other sites to be avoid:

  1. Adzpot
  2. Adzrevenuejunior

AdzWork the sister site of Adzpot is online for a while and seeking for an honest review by Earnings Area. Read the details as deployed below.

Personal Earnings: Something over the 1 cent per day. By completing offers, the earnings are higher although they are not guaranteed every day. Upgraded users earn more. See the upgrade table for a more extended info here.

Referral Earnings: The rate is different when it comes to the type of referral you earn the commission from. The rented referrals give higher earning that the direct ones. Upgraded users get more from the referrals as well. See the table here.

Upgrades: Golden and Ultimate are the only ones and given for a month or annually. The prices are decent for the earning potential the site promises. The longest you upgrade the most worthwhile.

Referrals: Direct and rented referrals are offered with limitations. The standard users have 400 refs maximum direct ref. limit which is considered fairly high. Ultimate users have no limitations in referring new members. The renting limit for every membership is 500, 1000 and 2000  for every membership respectivel. However you can refer them all at once. Why so? The referrals grow on trees there? Pioneer users are privileged with higher maximum limits than Standards.

Referral Shares: Another earning option from Adzwork, quite risky though. Paypal doesn’t like it much although it is not clear that it prohibits it. We had a previous example with but managed to solve it after a month or so. Your money, your call. Related to this, your referral can earn you commissions for every purchased share they buy. 2%, 5%, and 10% for every membership respectively.

Offers: Theoretically, it is there but the time we visited the site before the review not even one was available. Referral commissions are not set yet.

PTSU: Except the administrative offers, the users can create their own offers and those are classified as paid to sign up offers. The ref. rate of commission is unspecified.

Advertising service: We have not tested the service at this site but it is similar to what every Clixscript site provides. According to our past experience, an advertiser can stay satisfied from the PTC advertising which is affordable and offers geo-targeting without extra cost and an easy to control advertiser panel. The login ads is a useful feature with effective exposure and conversion.

Payouts: The payouts are processed every Saturday for the standard members and 24 hours after request for the upgraded members. The minimum payout limit is set at $2 and the payment gateways are paypal and payza.

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Important Links: Terms of ServicesFAQPrivacy PolicyPayment Proofs

Trivia: ClixScript and a custom template made by Real Adz Group are used. Real Adz Group owns the site along with Adzpot.

AdzWork is quite the same comparing to Adzpot in the terms of earning for the user and the stability of the business plan. ClixScript script allows more customization and new features thus more ways for you to earn from. The site is fairly new so you have more chances to refer users.


  • Stable business plan
  • Attractive design
  • It has space for further advancement


  • Slow earner
  • Some info is missing

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