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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
80% of click value25% of click value40 minimum$1,5 Payza, $3 PaypalWeeklyPaypalPayzaPerfect Money
The site is part of a large network whose 2 investments sites are included ( & Adzwork is a sister site with many technical problems and payment delays. No longer suggested by us.

Adzpot is a PTC site that is officially launched since the first day of December in 2011. During the 7-month operation seems stable with a steady business plan but how profitable can for the PTC user be? It has been running on a PTC Evolution Script and hosted in a DDos-protected dedicated server by Snoork Hosting. The template is made by their own since the Real Ads network offers designing services on the side of its operation. Lately they have launched another PTC (Adzwork) whose the review will be completed very soon.

Personal Earnings: The daily earning rate barely reaches the threshold of 1 cent for the standard members. Standard members earn the 80% of the ad’s click value while the upgraded receiving something more. The Adzwin is a help but is far from called as a steady daily income. More details below.

Referral Earnings: Standard members receive the 25% of the ad’s click value. Also, the commissions from the ref. upgrades or the ad sales can be considered as a good handle for those who can refer effectively.

Upgrades: There are two classes available. The cheap ones (Verified, AdzPot lvl1,AdzPot lvl2) and the expensive ones (Silver, Golden, Ultimate) although both classes present the same orientation, meaning instant payouts, commissions from upgrades and ad sales and advertising freebies. The rate for the solo ads as well as the ref. click rate is respectively higher for all the upgraded memberships. All the upgrades are annual. For more details see here

Referrals: Except the usual combination of direct and rented referrals, the user can buy a  referral for a lifetime. The rented refs are rented for a 30-day period and can be renewed also for the same duration. The cost is low comparing to other PTC sites. Perhaps a reason is the low activity that has been noticed.

Adzwin: Apart from the regular advertisements, the user can win a prize while clicking banners in the adzwin. It’s a clicking incentive and the process is a little manually decided. It means that you have to contact  the support while you notice that you are the winner. As per their instructions you need to send them the winning code and the link within 5 minutes otherwise is not acceptable. Find the Adzwin at the bottom of the “view advertisements” page or directly here.

No Loss Guarantee: Perhaps the finest implementation of this site. It concerns only the upgraded members and covers them with a safety blanket if them agree to be active clicking more ads. How it works? The system calculates and gives back in the form of more advertisements the equal value of money they have spent for the annual upgrade. See more here.

Advertising service: We have tested their advertising service and concluded that their service is between the poor and the avoidable state. Either in the form of sign ups or hits the results have discouraged us. The blame on the script maybe is a fair reason for that but this less concerns the advertiser. On the positive side we are finding Adzwin which can be used for PTP (Paid to promote) campaigns effectively.

Payouts: The minimum limit of every payment is fixed ($1 via paypal and $1.5 via payza). Perfect Money is available only for purchases at least for the time being.

Communication: ForumSupport

Important links: ToSFAQPayment ProofsLatest News

Trivia: The site operates without any major problem for 7 months having aaround 8,000 registered users and managed to pay $495 to them. The admin is unknown from Philippines.

Adzpot is definitely a site you can trust in the terms of stability and admin’s activity, however we don’t feel that is the ideal, profitable place for everyone. The better strategy is upgrading and referring as much as possible. Two obstacles here. Money and promotional skills are against the most users. Not for everyone someone would say. Another thing is their decision of opening a second PTC. Inevitably, the admin is expected to put more effort in order to promote the new site (AdzWork) while postponing the implemantation of new features that highly needed; These details lead us to the decision of placing them back to Pending List. See the Pros and Cons for this site:


  • Stable business plan
  • Professional customer treatment
  • No Loss Guarantee for the upgraded memberships


  • Low earnings rate
  • Low clicking and forum activity
  • Poor advertising services (ineffective results)
  • The same network opened a second site

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