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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.0001 - $0.001$0.000330 minimum$1.5Within 7 business daysPaypalPayza

Twickerz is for a quite a while in the PTC scene. Here are some more extended details for the program.

Personal Earnings: It is around 1,5 cents every day in case you click all the available ads. The Sponsored ads (10 sec.) give $0.001 per click while the rest ones give you the 1/10 of this value. You can have more income by the grid game and by the points you collect.

Referral Earnings: For every sponsored or regular advertisement your referral view you get $0.0003. Also there are incentives for ad & upgrade purchase. 10% and $1 respectively.

Upgrades: There are several scales of upgraded memberships. Choose the one it fits better to your wallet. Chart <<<— click here

Referrals: Direct, bought  and rented are the available options for you.

Twickgrid: A feature introduced at Clixsense. The free users have 25 chances every day and the upgraded members even more.

Points: Points can be acquired by viewing ads, depositing funds, referring new users, posting in the forum, completing PTSU offers, clicking Twickrid ads. A more detailed report is posted below:

How to Earn Twickpoints?

You will get 10 Points each for every $1.00 deposit You will get 1 Point each for every Ad clicked

Newly added

You will get 10 Points each for every member registered under you You will get 1 Point each for every Quality Post On forum You will get 1 Point each for every PTSU completed You will get 1 Point each for every Twickgrid Ad Clicked

PTSU offers: You can earn additional money by completing PTSU (Paid to sign up) offers. just visit this page here.

Payouts: The payout limit is set at $0.1 via paypal and $1.5. Payments are processed within 7 business days but normally you will get your payment after 24 hours. Upgraded members have no limits via paypal.

Advertising Service: The advertisement packs vary. First of all, you buy credits that have been being converted later. Don’t mix up the credits with the number of exposure. PTC, PTSU (Paid To Sign Up), Login credits are sold. Banner, Text exposure as well as either special packs in fixed price or of mixed type. The whole structure of advertiser’s panel is rather poor and also the results are disappointing and shady.

Communication: Contact supportForum

Important links: Terms of ServiceFAQNewsPayment Proofs

Trivia: The site has been running for over a year on a PTCEvolution software integrating a unique template from GPTEngine. Zigma Network owns the site and marijoy of Philippines been administrating it.

Twickerz is definitely a PTC we should recommend to all of you because it seems sustainable, trustworthy, with many earning options and the prospect of staying  for a long time. The administrator is very close to members and willing to implement changes and new features for the further development of the site and member’s satisfaction. For the solo earners, meaning the users who rely only on their own work is a slow earner but the payout limit is low so you can be sure that none of your hard work is going to get wasted and the raise of minimum cashout limit makes it even harder. The advertising service is not advisable as well. Here are some pros and cons:


  • Many earning options
  • Fast, professional and friendly support


  • Slow earner for solo workers
  • Poor and shady advertising results


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  2. I don’t understand this all these zeros than a one so is that half a penny or something?

    • Yes Vicenta, you got it right. Twickerz gives low returns per viewed advertisement.

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