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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.001-$0.015$0.0002-$0.0044 guaranteed$2InstantPaypalPayzaNeteller
Note: The values represent the ones of standard membership. For more info about the rest benefits of upgraded members please visit the neobux help page here or look at the details area.

Type of ads: Fixed (orange & purple), micro, mini, standard & extended exposure. Orange fixed ones are the guaranteed ads that a user receives every 24 Hours and are available based on the reset time. You can observe the reset time at the “View advertisements” page of Neobux.

Personal click rate: A standard member receives $0.001 for every fixed (orange) that views and being successfully credited. For viewing the rates depending on all the exposures and memberships visit the help page of Neobux.

Referral click rate: This differs exponentially when it comes from a direct or rented referral especially in standard membership. A standard member can receive commission equal to $0.0005 when a direct referral views a fixed (orange) advertisement and $0.005 when a rented referral views the same type of ad. A golden member can receive commissions equal to $0.005 and $0.01 respectively. Golden pack upgraded users receive $0.01 from both. For viewing the rates depending on all the exposures visit the help page of Neobux.

Types of membership: Standard, Golden, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum, Ultimate – Standard membership is the free and lifetime one. For purchasing the golden you must either spend $90 or 30,000 neopoints. The rest are rather expensive and necessary requirement is the acquisition of the golden first.

Referrals: Direct and rented are the two types of refs. Direct refs are the ones who are referred through your promotional links where you can find in the banners area. You have to wait for 30 days first and click 100 ads as well. Rented referrals are those who after the proper activity filtering are given available for renting. You rent them for 30 days and you can extend the renting period up to 240 days with discount lower or higher depending on the days.

AdPrize: A chance to get extra bonus out of your own efforts. if you were lucky you could even earn a free annual golden membership. Refer here.

AdAlert: It’s a nice tool for getting notifications about when a new advertisement is available. The installation is quite easy. Refer here.

Neocoin & Neopoint offers: Both are extra ways of earning additional income every day. You can find 100% free offers or offers that require purchase of a product or service so you are the ones who judge when a offer is profitable or not. Some offers can become free if you are able to cancel a subscription before a given threshold, so make sure that you have read and understand what an offer asks from you.

Neopoints: Virtual currency that can be used for renting extension, purchasing of golden or for adding more spots into your downline.

Neocoins: Virtual currency that can be converted into money. For more info refer here.

Mini Jobs: Tasks from CrowdFlower. It is an additional stream of income for the solo workers. For more info refer here.

Advertising service: Neobux offers ad and banner exposure in considerably fair prices for the amount of impressions delivered. The PTC advertising is sold in many different packages and types of exposure. You can select to geo-target your campaigns (only available to the standard and extended exposure) or add social networks. Banner advertising used to be the most effective inside the market but the results about a different kind of promotion are not guaranteed.

Payouts: Starting from $2 and increasing by $1 for every cashout request until the $10 where the minimum cashout limit remains the same from there on.

Communication: Forum, Chat, Contact Form (only for logged in users), email: tickets[at]

Important links: ToSHelp Page & FAQ (Green Button) at the top and right of your screen.

Trivia: Since 2008 and still paying till now a total of $70,000,000; a lot of promos from time to time so make sure you check the forum notifications.

Neobux is one of the best PTCs out there and certainly one you should start your PTC experience from. Definitely recommended and without a single sign of instability, especially after the latest implementations of lower click rates, the adprize and the offers. Some could characterize it as a GPT site now but don’t forget that the main structure of the old neo is still here, even with some radical lifting along the time. Here’s some pros and cons:


  • Easy to browse inside the account menu and nice design
  • Fast & professional support
  • Instant & low cashouts
  • Active and friendly Forum community
  • Freebies, extra bonuses & promos
  • A lot of extra ads to click
  • Advanced security
  • Translated in 8 languages


  • Complaints about the rented ref’s activity
  • Expensive upgrades


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  5. I have seen this site just about every where. The thing is i don’t know how it works. When i went to it, it had this thing to buy ads or something like so i don’t understand how i make the money and how exactly it works. Would love a step by step forum to help me understand it better. And if it’s worth my while just might join. But when i went to the site it seemed very confusing. As the way they have the money part. With all the zeros and than a 1 at the end does that mean it’s one cent or half a cent? It’s really confusing so if someone could help and explain how it works i’d really love to hear from you.

    • Hello, first of all let’s start from the basics. Take some time and read the following section where you can learn what a PTC site is.
      PTC sites

      Secondly, you don’t need to buy something in order to get your payment which is instant by the way. You buy advertising when you have something to advertise, to promote. Another site maybe. Since you live in a 1-tier country take advantage of the neocoin and the neopoint offers. But first things first. Once you have registered and activated your account, visit the view advertisements section where you can view advertisements. The solo earnings are low but you can maximize them by installing the Adalert. Also, the Adprize is an additional enhancement and if you are lucky enough you can earn prizes without spending a nickel. For more info read here. Referring other people is the way to the success being a PTC user. So after 15 days you should be able to refer other users through your link. The banner section is here and waiting with a neat collection of banners and links. You can drive your potential refs to a certain section. Just click on the neobux ref link icon and copy the link provided. I mentioned the offers (neocoin and neopoint). It’s really a very good chance to multiply your earnings. Neocoin offers are many in number and you can convert them into money after 30 days. Advice at you and at any other reader is to keep proofs while you complete an offer. Also you have to read what an offer is asking from you and if it is worth to complete it. Neopoint offers are valuable because by collecting 30,000 neopoints you get a free annual golden membership. Please read the following topic:

      Neocoin & Neopoint offers

      Hope I gave you a hint on how this site works. You can use the search feature to find an information that i may have forgot to mention.

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