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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.00330% Per Ref. Clickno guarantee$524 HoursPaypal

Note:  The values represent the ones of standard membership. For more info about the rest benefits of upgraded members look at the details area.

LinkGrand is an old classical PTC site belonged to the ones that still stand with the same business plan and with few to none changes since the beginning of their operation. The options of doing things there are simplified to viewing ads, and advertising. Nothing less, nothing more.

Personal Earnings: You get credited with $0.003 for every advertisement you watch. Upgraded members earn the double value ($0.006).

Referral Earnings: The click rate is set at the 30% of ad value either for the standards or upgraded members. You earn 10% of the advertisement sale when one of your referrals buy one.

Upgrades: LinkGrand introduced an upgraded membership in April 2010 due to the high demand of advertisers to promote their product to a certain group of verified buyers. You can purchase an upgraded membership in a very advantageous price ($5.00 for four months, $12.00 for two years, $25.00 lifetime). Double ad value and more ads available are the only differences having it.

Referrals: Direct referrals is the one and only option and you can have them unlimited.

BillBoard Tokens: Every month, two winners are randomly picked and get the 50% of the Billboard Jackpot. It’s totally free and easy to participate. You will find the BillBoard Area above the regular advertising area. A limit of how many time you can click on the billboard ads daily, is specified at your Billboard tokens page here.

Payouts: Once you have collected $5 you can place a request and you will receive your payment within 24 hours after approval. Paypal is the only option. For payments which exceed the $200 you can request a check via support ticket.

Advertising Service: The regular PTC links and the Billboard advertising are offered as the only options of advertising on LinkGrand. For the first one (regular), features like geo-targeting and membership-targeting come in handy. At billboard, you advertise your site without the frame along with a 468×60 banner placed.

Communication: Contact

Important links: Membership agreementHelp page

Trivia: LinkGrand opened its doors in February, 2007. It uses a unique script and design and is owned by the 25-year old entrepreneur Garrett Rowland.

LinkGrand is placed in our best PTC list because it is low-profiled, honest, simple in use, with all the info placed where it should be at. Nothing hidden, no catch, no tripping. Although it lacks of additional features, this deficiency makes them one of the kind.


  • Unlimited direct referrals
  • Stable business plan
  • Easy to use


  • Slow earner for solo clickers
  • Lack of innovative features and ideas


  1. I have never heard about this site before,could you please give me some more specific information.Is it sure that the site is paying ?

    • It is placed in the “Best PTC Sites” list so there is no question that it is paying. Recently they raised the advertisements’s price with immediate result a significant drop of the available advertisements.

  2. I would like more information provided for this site. Including reviews from others who are actually participating in this site. Sounds good but i have had that happen before i’ll come onto a site that looks really good just to join and it not be good at all.. So now i like to see others views on sites before i even dare try them. That way i know if it’d be good or not. Some people give phony reviews but i have found some sites that give honest reviews and tell the complete truth about sites like these. So it’s nice to have some kind of re assurance before signing up for something just to later find out it wasn’t worth your time. So if you could send me a link or something with some reviews on this site i’d be very thankful.. Thank you

    • The review for this site is not complete. Soon you will find more info about LinkGrand. All the sites located in our “Best sites” list are longstanding. Keep in mind that though they are legit every one cannot earn the same. Have you read our following article? Ways to get referrals etc.? Please read it here. The thing we do like is that you get commission for referring an advertiser and definitely LinkGrand is a place which someone should consider to advertise at.

      Update: The full review just released. :-)

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