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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.001 - $0.02$0.0001 - $0.0051 guaranteed$8Every Monday & FridayPaypalCheck

Notice: The values represent the ones of standard membership. For more info about the rest benefits of upgraded members please visit the ClixSense membership page here or look at the details area.

Type of ads: Micro, Mini, Standard, Extended; The terminology is similar to neobux in the ads naming along with the click rates. $0.001, $0.005, 0.01 & $0.02 respectively. You don’t need to wait for any reset. Whenever you notice an ad available just click on and watch it.

Personal click rate: A standard member receives $0.001 for every micro, $0.005 for every mini, $0.01 for every standard and $0.02 for every extended ad that views and be successfully credited.

Referral click rate: A standard member can receive commission equal to $0.0002 when a  referral views a micro advertisement, $0.0010 for every mini, $0.0020 for every standard and $0.0040 for every extended advertisement. A premium member can receive commissions equal to $0.0004 when a  referral views a micro advertisement, $0.0020 for every mini, $0.004 for every standard and $0.008 for every extended advertisement.

Types of membership: Standard & Premium – Standard membership is the free and lifetime one. For having the Premium you must either spend $17 for an annual membership or your upline (the user that referred you at ClixSense to buy you one and give it to you for free.

Referrals: ClixSense gives only the opportunity to refer as much users as you can. Also there is a 8-level downline system that only a premium member can take advantage from. Except for the click rates you can get $2 for very upgraded user you refer (1st level) as well as from ad sales. from completed tasks that have been made by one or more of your referrals you get the 5% of the task’s value as a standard member and the 10% as a premium. For details refer here.

Tasks: With the contribution of CrowdFlower, ClixSense introduced shorts easy tasks that everyone can complete and earn from. Usually those target the 1-tier countries , however international users are able to find and complete them from time to time. For more details refer here & here.

Offers: The newest implementation of ClixSense is real. Works through a third party provider like tasks. Certain country targeting is also applied. For more details refer here.

ClixSense Toolbar: For being notified promptly every time that a new advertisement is available you can download and install the ClixSense toolbar. Also, there you will be able to beware of  your accounts stats and customize it a bit. Visit the link to download it here.

ClixGrid: A chance to win cash prizes that randomly distributed by clicking on a grid.

ClixSense Surveys: That concerns the users coming from the 1-tier countries (USA, CAN, UK, AU). Extra income is always welcomed.

Payouts: The minimum is $8 fixed for standard members and $6 for premium ones. There is an option of withdrawing the cash via check on the first Monday of every month and the minimum for the US, Canada and Mexico users is $10 and $100 for all the rest.

Communication: ForumContact Form

Important links: User AgreementMembership PageAnnouncements’ page & FAQ.

Trivia: Custom Script, it’s been online since 2007; they’ve paid their 2,008,585 members $2,251,351.33 on time, every time!; they’ve delivered over 456,700,343 views to their advertisers’ websites and keep going.

Certainly one of the PTCs we enjoy to be members on. After the radical changes a year ago has become a popular PTC for every resident around the world. Before that, internationals users were almost unwelcome because of the lack in payments options other than the checks. The implementation of tasks and the clicking incentives that have been introduced lately have raised the profit potential of this site. The forum presence something that ClixSense used to not have is always a good sign of transparency. Here’s some pros and cons:


  • A lot of ads to click daily
  • Extra income from tasks, offers and Clixgrid
  • Fast & professional support
  • Active and friendly Forum community
  • Unlimited referrals and multilevel downline system
  • Cheap upgrades


  • High minimum payout limit
  • Slow earner for those who don’t have promotional skills or time to complete tasks






  1. I have a ClixSense account, but I rarely use the site. It is very easy, but it takes a while to build up enough cash in your account to get to the cashout amount needed.

  2. I did some research on clixSense on Google. A lot of people recommend it (like on digital point forum and warrior forum). However, on these sites, people warn about potentially getting viruses. Do you know how common is it to get viruses from PTC sites?

    • Normally on top PTC sites like ClixSense for instance, the chance to get caught a virus is less likely. If you mean by reports the WOT system then i have been aware of those comments for other PTC sites but from my experience these kind of incidents are rare. Perhaps they are false alarms coming from an antivirus software.

  3. nice site legit and trusted

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