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Clicksia & Incentria

Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.001 - $0.00310% Per Ref. Clickno guarantee$1Within 7 business daysPaypalPayza

Notice: The values represent the ones of standard membership. For more info about the rest benefits of upgraded members look at the details area.

Personal earnings: It comes out of viewing advertisements and completing offers. The rates for the ads are $0.001 – $0.003 and for the offers start from $0.1 per offer, up to $0.50.For the solo clickers the ads’s overall worth doesn’t overpass the amount of a single cent, so completing offers is highly advisable to this group of users.

Referral earnings: The commission rate when a referral of yours view an advertisement or complete an offer is 10%. From PTP (Paid To Promote) feature you earn $0.0001 for every unique visit you forward to the site through your referral link. The rates are higher if you become upgraded.

Upgrades: There is only one option (Elite membership) and is being sold for periods of 1 (for $5.95) or 12 (for $49.95) months. The privileges are higher and differentiate in PTC earnings (100% of click value), sign ups (20% pere completed offer), in PTP ($0.0002 per unique visit), 5% of every referral’s purchase and some advertising freebies that are offered.

Traffic Exchange section: Apart from a PTC and a place with a lot of offers to complete Clicksia & Incentria offer a traffic exchange. Like in every traffic exchange site, you can automatically convert the site visits into traffic exchanges credits and use them for promoting your programs. The ratio there is 1:1.

Referrals: There are the ones you can refer without limitation no matter the membership and also both sites offer bought referrals, meaning you buy and keep them forever. Bought referrals are not available most of the time.

Offers section: It is the most sophisticated made section. The rules have set for protecting both the advertiser and the completer. It’s a unique feature the way it operates.

Payouts: A fixed cashout minimum of $1 is paid within 7 business days. Payments via paypal or payza.

Communication: Forum, Contact form (Clicksia & Incentria)

Important links: ToS (Clicksia & Incentria), Help (Clicksia & Incentria)

Trivia: It is run by a unique script (based on Aurora) with further customization since 2008 (Clicksia opened few months earlier).  William Jackson is the owner and resides in Canada.

 Clicksia & Incentria stands as one of the best because of their uniqueness, the stable business model they run and the effective options they give to advertisers. Here’s some pros and cons:


  • Low fixed minimum payout limit of $1
  • Trustworthy, stability
  • Multiple ways of earning and benefiting
  • Great advertising options
  • You don’t need to click advertisements every day
  • Friendly and considerably fast support


  • A slow earner
  • The owner was with scam sites or failed projects in the past ( e.g. Buxout)



  1. i am from bangladesh does it work here.if yes hw will i get my payent. i dont have paypal account.

    • Both sites have been closed since long ago, hence no chance stands for you to ever use them again.

  2. I love Clicksia and Incentria and because both of these site work the same simple way you can join both and almost double your earning. I have been paid by both these fine site several times.

  3. I totally agree with this post,clicksia and incentria are some of the best PTC sites i have ever registered in.I managed to make a little money on these two sites mostly by doing offers.

  4. I read somewhere that the owner was involved with past scam sites. Can you throw some light on this, please? :)

    Offtopic, are you joras from EMS?

    thank you

    • Yes sure, William Jackson was involved with earn3, extra10 and buxout. Buxout (closed in December 2008) was the cherry on the top of the cake before his consideration that the Bux model is a failed one. Too late though. Many people lost money that never been recovered. Worth mentioning that Clicksia and Incentria was not opened after the failed business adventure but before and operated in between.

      There is a floating info regarding his connection with Mike Pratt.

      Who Mike Pratt is? Owner of DingoBux and of many other scam PTC sites. Definitely not failed ones.

      A hint of the connection among William and Mike: (concentrate on the second post)

      As for your offtopic question, the answer is negative, however joras has connection with Earnings Area since he was/is a great contributor and a great friend in the offline life. :)

  5. kindly tell me is there any services of payments in pakistan coz i am from pakistan and plz tell me about traffic exchange in detail
    regards bilal haider

    • kindly tell me is there any services of payments in pakistan coz i am from pakistan

      Pakistan is a Payza supported country so you can get paid via Payza.

      and plz tell me about traffic exchange in detail

      Traffic exchange doesn’t involve money. You earn credits which you use them to promote your personal pages and/or ref. links. In order to add a link and use the credits you have earned by surfing, visit the Traffic Exchange section of “Ad Manager” and create a new Ad. Once you have done this and your link is approved, you are ready to add credits and start your link’s rotation.

  6. do they pay you through paypal or by check

    • They do pay via paypal or payza.

  7. i got paid several times

  8. It is true
    Incentria is really good!


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