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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.00012 - $0.01510% of click value25 +/-$1,5 Payza, $0.6 PaypalUp to 7 business daysPaypalPayza

CashnHits opened its doors in 2009. It’s the flagship of the network, along with CashTream and the closed CashViews. The script is kind of custom using elements of Aurora and recently of Clixscript (e.g. login page).

Personal Earnings: Here is the good part of this site. It is a well off solo money earner in regards to the traditional PTC standards. CashnHits gives multiples streams of income such as:

  • PTC ads: The rate is different from advertisement to advertisement and depends on the duration as well as whether the view is forced or not ($0.00012 – $0.015).
  • Autosurf: As the name reveals, you can start surfing by leaving the window open and the system surfs pages automatically. Normally, Youtube videos will be shown to you. The rate is set at $0.00012 per view. There is a limit set daily and this is higher for the upgraded users. At the time we published the review the limit was 190 views for us.
  • Video Ads: It’s similar to autosurf in the way it works (pop up window) combined with some PTC philosophy. You need to verify that you have viewed the video ad.
  • Facebook Likes: You need to have an active Facebook account with at least 20 friends. You can earn $0.005 to $0.05 per Like, depending on the nature of the page (Web Page or Fan Page)
  • Offers: In the PTC language, can be called PTSU (Paid to sign up) instead. Other users buy credits and you have to complete a short task (mostly to register in a site) in order to get the assigned credit. Be careful with the instructions.
  • Paid to Promote: As a promoter except for referrals you can earn cash out of the severity of your promotions. Depends on your Membership, visitor’s IP (Country) and the referrer’s domains (where you promote your link).
  • Click Exchange: It is a traffic exchange feature but except of that you can cash prizes, points and PTC credits.

Referral Earnings: For a standard user the PTC earnings coming from a referral are limited to 10% as well as no earnings from other ref. activity can be gained.

Upgrades: 6 different upgrades are offered satisfying any wallet and earning plan.

Referrals: Mainly, you are allowed to have direct referrals, unlimited to all memberships. However, you can buy referrals when they are available in queue.

Advertising service: Cheap, miscellaneous (PTC, Facebook, PTP, PTSU, Banner credits) advertising packages are up for sale. Don’t miss the special packs at this page as well. Additionally, CashnHits offers nice features for the PTC ads such as forced view, Country Filtering, Hits Limitation etc. See the following page

Payouts: Payouts are processed from 2 up to 7 business days after request. The minimum limit with Paypal is set at $0.6 for the first payout while you can request via payza when you will have collected $1.5. The payments’ limit is incremental till the 4th request via Paypal or the 5th one via payza. From that point, the minimum limit remains the same for ever (Paypal -> $1.5 and Payza -> $5).

Communication:  Support & FAQForum

Blog: CashnHits gives you the opportunity to create a list of the favorite sites you support and promote. The structure is proper for PTCs but you can try to enter other sites if you have any.

Lottery: It imitates a form of Lottery we had seen at Neobux in 2008 but removed after a year (in 2009). You can only use your main balance to buy raffle tokens expecting to pick the one it wins and disclose a monetary trophy.

Trivia: Owner, Admin and Developer is Saket Asati along with Serenity (contributor).

 CashnHits is one of the best solo money earners in the scale of PTC profit. You can easily earn 10 cents per day only by yourself  without counting the PTSU offers. The only reason we don’t place CashnHits in the “Best PTC Sites” list is the past failed issue with CashViews.


  • Great solo earner
  • Established site
  • Handy interface


  • Bad record with similar PTC
  • Uncompleted FAQ and Help Page


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  2. Does it take long to earn with this site? And how does the balance work that’s a lot of zeros i will i know if i how much i have.

    • Hi again, according to my opinion CashnHits is the best for the solo users after the Neobux and Clixsense. Except the PTC part you can watch video ads, like on Facebook, complete PTSU offers, autosurf and earn money, promote your ref. link and earn money, exchange clicks (something like traffic exchange) and earn something if you are lucky enough. Don’t expect to earn big money without referrals but they have low cashout limit with paypal and the daily earning are not bad for the daily time spending. What you see in the overview chart concerns the PTC part only. Like i said CashnHits has a lot of other ways of earning and that makes it unique from other PTCs. I’m still in vacation mode and that’s why you don’t see new reviews but i promise you that i will get back soon with more stuff. :-)

    • At one time I would have agreed wiht the admin review, but the site has dragged with payouts for several months and has been down since 12/28/15. CashnHits appears to be toast.

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