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What is a PTC site?

The PTC acronym stands for Paid to click. Usually the user gets paid after viewing advertisements successfully. So instead of watching commercials on TV without getting an incentive, PTC sites pay their users for watching advertisements. It’s also an alternative for advertisers who want to receive visits at their sites, so works in both ways. Some PTCs have introduced extra features lately such as offers or tasks’ completion and can be considered as GPT (Get Paid to) sites although every PTC can be considered either way because literally the user gets paid to do something. Traditionally GPTs are considered the sites where the users complete offers.

How can I redeem my earnings?

Payment processors such as Paypal, Alertpay (soon Payza) or Neteller are provided as payment getaways. Some sites pay through a mail check as well.

Do i need to pay in order to get paid?

Absolutely not. The registration is absolutely free and normally the site won’t ask you an initial investment. There are some PTCs which have such rules in place something that we are undoubtedly not supporting by this page, meaning you won’t find these kind of PTCs in our recommended list. You may need to spend cash for multiplying your earnings but this is totally up to you.

I clicked all the ads but the earnings are too low. Am i doing something wrong?

Since you are getting the credits, you are on the right way. Normally the click rates depend on the advertisement revenue. Avoid sites that give you $1 or $10 per ad because this rate is beyond the reality. There is no advertiser who could afford to pay $1 per hit to a PTC site. To get more profit out of the PTCs you need referrals.

What is a referral?

Referral is a user just like you who belongs to you either because is registered via your promotional link or because is sold or rented to you. The more efficient the referral is, the higher the commissions you get from him/her.

How can i get referrals?

For renting or buying referrals you need to fund your balance with real cash via the payment processor/s of your preference. Then, the purchase is a click away. Direct referrals (as they are usually called) are the ones you can have for life if you are good on promoting your referral link. Some tips are given here.


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  3. Would it be possible to get two areas – one for BUXsites and one for AURORA sites? I have come to notice that a lot of Aurora sites are scam while some are actually legit.

    • Hi, i consider both models as PTC site ones and thus no divide is planned to be enforced. :) They are also unofficial terms originated by the slang of many PTC members used to define the things the way it was more comfortable for them. The list includes few sites that we consider worthwhile and a further categorization could be shown as non attractive. :) But I agree that the business model doesn’t make the site reliable either.

      Thanks for the suggestion though. :)

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