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Probux Is A Fraudulent Scheme Or Not?

Probux Is A Fraudulent Scheme Or Not?

I’m afraid that the answer is affirmative. Actually and literally, I’m not afraid at all; on contrary I’m happy when I’m free to speak my mind without hesitation. Well, I’m a little late with this warning due to various reasons. One of them, is my estimation – when the site started its operation – that it wouldn’t go far long and stay unpopular. It turns out I was all wrong and the site has succeeded to convincing about its legitimacy and the successful and stable business model it runs on. Another reason is my decision to wean from the PTC scene so i warn you beforehand to prepare yourself  to read way less info connected to PTC, except for the big fishes which interest me. So let’s start with the basics.


What is Probux?

Probux is a PTC, opened on 28th August 2012 and connects advertisers with members interested to view advertisements for a pre-specified amount of money that usually is a small fraction of dollar. Normally few cents per day is earned by a solo clicker to make it more specific. The scheme and the model seems simple and legit at a first glance but it doesn’t only regard that. There is an investment scheme behind, with luxurious membership costs and rent of referrals. Referrals are referred from the users normally just by promoting their referral’s link. Something like affiliate marketing in a more simplified way. In the past years, admins & owners realized that most of the users have no adequate experience in finding marketing promotional techniques to refer others and eventually give up the effort of doing so. It is usual that the average Joe and Jacqueline don’t bother to spend time for few pennies so the admins came up with the idea offering “referrals” in exchange of money. Initially by selling them for a lifetime. Neobux introduced a new feature in 2008, the rented referrals with certain strict rules that maintain the stability and scalability of the PTC system while made it more interesting for the average user. Probux is running the obsolete system that Neobux introduced in 2008 and no longer use it entirely.


Is Probux’s business model sustainable?

No, honestly don’t fall from these words anymore. Neobux itself changed business direction by reducing the ad rates, attracting new advertisers with lower advertising cost, introducing offers and micro jobs. Probux comes with a single expectation. To seem legit and not been in real. A dose of Neobux here,  a taste of Clixsense (ProGrid) there and the disguised ponzi scheme is ready; ready to detonate your wallet. I’m sure that Probux’s main admin is skillful and will introduce other similar features like the 2 other major PTC players run, shortly.


Is Probux connected with other PTCs that ran in the near past?

First of all, there is no definite proof otherwise i wouldn’t have written this article and the site would have gone down the drain long before this date the article is posted on. On the other hand is evident that Probux is connected with other PTCs. Not honest PTCs. It’s not something new to be unveiled. Everyone with a little access to PTC info has been aware of the names. Upbux & Onbux. Probux is alleged to be connected with them.

Evidence #1: Probux’s domain name is not new. It doesn’t prove anything by itself other than the site’s owner is not a newbie and certainly has past record in site management if not in PTC area. Created on 17th July 2004 according to the whois record. Let me mention you some details come from the whois histoy record. Initially, the onbux’s domain was registered in Godaddy but out of a sudden moved to Namecheap. See the following screenshots, please. Onbux ? Screenshot #1 ~ Screenshot #2 ~ Screenshot #3 & Probux ? Screenshot #1 ~ Screenshot #2 ~ Screenshot #3 ~ Screenshot 4.

Well, most of the actions are normal. Probux was parked on sedo marketplace, sold and moved to namecheap after some time. Namecheap is an accredited ICANN registrar as well as used to be Enom’s re-seller and that’s why you see ENOM mentioned in some screenshots. The strange thing is that even though Onbux used to be stayed in Godaddy was moved to Namecheap while Probux was up and running and moved in Namecheap as well. Well, it seems both were influenced by the anti-SOPA movement against Godaddy. A bit late though. :p

Evidence #2: The Australian mod is back. At this time, as a simple member and with different username. This evidence is the most undeniable than anything else. “dm4140b” became “direfire”. Look at the screenshots posted to identify it of your own. screenshot #1 ~ screenshot #2 ~ screenshot #3 ~ screenshot #4screenshot #5 ~ screenshot #6 ~ screenshot #7

Although Direfire registered in July (on EMS forum) seems like a return user since he claims that knows more than a newbie should has known. Many of you may think that a return user doesn’t mean connection with the specific former user. Good point. First of all i would recommend you to re-investigate the above screenshots. Secondly i’m suggesting you to compare and contrast the following images ? image #1 & image#2

I don’t want to influence you much but just look at both signatures. Direfire came back to the PTC scene a month before Probux’s launch. To prepare the field? If it is true, realize how dangerous this scheme is and how their evil plans are prepared up to the minor, tiny detail.

Evidence #3. Script. First of all, let me remind you that the former onbux’s admin/s is/are professional developer/s himself/themselves. I’m using plural as substitute because I’m not sure if the rest of  the team (2 admins except the main one) are coders. The script used in Upbux was Gen3 (it is no longer available for commercial use) and modified in some of its parts. Onbux started using it from the point was left and keep developing it on a stage where the former Gen3 was a completely modified script. Hence, there is no doubt that Probux uses Onbux’s modified script and is trying to develop it with new features and the story continues. Unless, someone sold the copy to a third party which is doubtful because Probux doesn’t mention anything of it. See what admin stated: bgbg[/learn_more]

Evidence #4. Same Country. Brazil. By the way, it appears that although Upbux’s admin was alleged to be from Portugal was a bogus statement which can be proven later in the part where I’m talking about registered companies. It’s just an evidence but combine it with the rest above. How coincidental can be? Meaning, the PTC admins of the 3 sites mentioned are from the same country as well.


Let’s talk about registered companies

How easy is it to register a UK based company online? Today, i decided to register a company myself. Ok, to be honest not today because i performed this idea and took the screenshots 2 days ago. I personally made the name selection. Wish me good luck to my new online endeavours. Here is my new company:

Step 1

• I’ve done with the name selection. Let’s complete the registration.

Step 2

• We have established an office within the borders of UK. We also hired an official representative. Mr John Smith. :)

Step 3

Step 4

• Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Zoao Carlos and i live in Sao Paolo. i’m the only shareholder and director of this company. I hold 1,000 shares in my possession.

Step 5

• Below we’re seeing an overview of what we have already declared in the agency.

Step 6

Step 7

• We are at the stage of taking the final decision to seal the request of establishing a limited liable company. We should better think of a more catchy name. Lol! However, till now there is no document asked. We declared anything without check. £49 for the Scambux ltd., hmm…let’s re-think it.

Disclaimer: Every name, location, number mentioned is not based in any actual personal detail and was used only for creating this hypothetical scenario.

As you can see, establishing a UK registered company online is one of the most easy things everyone can do without much effort or money. It doesn’t prove who you and what your intentions are. Acquiring a SSL certificate is a piece of cake after then and the ball is in your room. Onbux and Upbux was registered companies as well. Let’s see of what kind:

First of all you have noticed that a sedo user who lives in Brazil and registered in the same month and year holds both domains. Right? Secondly look at VAT status: not applicable. Feel the sense. Let me help you.


 The VAT status of a member indicates if the member is trading on Sedo as a VAT-liable company.  When the VAT Status shows as “Applicable” the member has specified within their Sedo account that they are VAT-liable.  The VAT does not apply to US or Canadian members. 

Members not trading as VAT-liable companies and all individuals should have a VAT status of “Not Applicable.” 

If you are trading on Sedo as a VAT-liable company, you need to specify this in the “Account Data” section of your Sedo account and enter a valid tax registration number.  If you are trading as an individual, this is not required. 

Please note that all offer/counter-offer prices and auction prices are inclusive of VAT (if applicable).  No additional taxes and/or VAT will be added to the final price on completion of negotiation.

Both registered companies but without social security number and without being tax responsible. Question yourself. Do you know any real company without being tax responsible? I know some. The ones established in order to fool you and steal your wallet. No matter what, when a admin is questioned should answer clearly and not avoid the question with generic responses. See what i mean:

The below info are evidences about the connection between Onbux and Probux. Evidences are not proofs but having them altogether the indication is quite satisfactory in order to having you informed about those. The victims of Onbux were many and the sad stories too, so I’m not going to sit silent and not warn you. The most readers this report save, the better. In your position, I wouldn’t even think of purchasing advertising packages. It’s like you fund Mafia.

Note that the review is dynamic and likely some extra info might be added soon.

UpdateUpdate, December 29, 2012: Payouts via Paypal have been disabled for security reason (users tried to exploit the system) till August 4th, while purchases with the same payment processor are active as option. Same had happened with onbux before its collapse (something to remember).

UpdateUpdate, December 10, 2015: Surprise!! Almost 3 years after this article was published, new info has been revealed. For a detailed info regarding the notorious gang from Brazil read the following forum post: Scammers made me laugh today


  1. very good Congrats

  2. This review is full of proof and it helps me a lot to decide if I will still continue my business with this.

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  3. Probux is the best ptc to earn money by clicking on an account for free member site. I received my third payment to Paypal instantly. You can see proof of payment at the following link:

  4. I only use ProBux for viewing website, but it does seem to pay, although I have yet to cash out. From a business standpoint and from some of the stories I’ve heard about them, I wouldn’t see them as innocent, that’s for sure.

  5. I think probux is a scam ptc too.I achieved the withdraal money and they have not paid me yet.I recomend everyone to avoid this site.

  6. I’m confused. Does this mean that Neobux is also a scam? I just signed up for them after reading some pretty good reviews on another board. What’s your take?

    • No, relax. Neobux has no connection with Probux. I just used its name as an instrument to deploy my thinking.

  7. Now that you are almist proven wrong, you jump from the accusation of scam into the accusation of copycat. It would be a lot easier if you admit that you made a mistake in PTCI instead of making another site just to make it seem that more people have the same low-quality logic as yours, Mr. PTCI admin!

    • Proven by what? Your utter nonsense? I’m not jumping around. I myself predicted that Probux is going to launch new feature/s which’d be similar to the ones that other established PTC (neobux & Clixsense) have been already using successfully. Another evidence that you never willingly thought of reading the article? Like i said before, the article is trying to draw awareness disclosing some aspects of this story and not prove something.

      I can’t express how funny it is when you continue to connect me with PTCI while you came here and posting with different identities. Who are you finally? Rocky, Klizfer or mark? None of them or better everyone.

  8. What you said about how easy it is to register a company is crazy and ultimately misleading. Besides all you have shown is that YOU are good at making scam sites, but it does not prove that probux admin did make a scam site. Maybe you are the owner of Onbux or other scam sites since you are very good at making one> I also know that you are the same person who run PTCI. The kind of low level logic, the syntax of your sentences, the words and the (illogical) thought patterns are the same!

    • How about reading more carefully before your replies? Read more carefully. You are the one who’s trying to mislead the readers. I know that you are nervous in this “hit and run” operation. Where are you at, currently? 60% ROI? 70%? Hurry up, your time ends. I said it’s easy to register a UK based company online. Like they did with onbux as well. I think i made myself clear, however you didn’t understand or obviously you don’t want to. Establishing a company doesn’t give you any right to hide yourself behind the anonymity of an SSL certificate and that’s it. Especially when you ask money from your users. On the other hand I’m not going to respond to your “Goebbelus” rhetoric about me running onbux or being the same person of PTC Investigations. Earnings Area’s readers have sense and adequate experience about what type of person you are and what you are trying to succeed.

  9. Probux has just added a new feature, crowdflower tasks! Visit probux and see for yourself.

    • There you go:
      You posted the ref. link instead of the correct one by mistake. Honest mistake. :)

      Well, as it was expected they implemented a new feature. Now, it seems like the ultimate copycat. What’s next? Offers?

  10. I registered to probux and I got paid.

    • Congratulations, but this is not the point. Upbux & Onbux followed the same recipe to the letter. They used to pay till they gone bankrupt. I wonder if you prefer the “hit & run” strategy over the long term income. PTC can only give you a small fraction of the online earnings you expect (unless you are very good at finding referrals) but let’s do it right and honest. If we endorse the scamming tactics of some swindlers we will end up with no users.

  11. I am currently not working with any of the Bux sites, as most of them are dubious but I did in the past with Neobux and few other bux sites. Then I used to trust the ratings of PTC Investigation very much and got warned many times. In the case of Probux also I checked with PTC Investigation and what you suspected is absolutely correct. There is an uncanny resemblance of Bux script usage in Probux with previous scam sites Onbux and Upbux and as PTC Investgation says, all of them are from Brazil. Many people would like to disagree with you and PTC Investigation as the site is paying as of now (I saw Payment Proof of today in their forum), but now the scammers are more cunning. They know the right time to pull the plug. So everybody needs to be aware and not invest what they can’t afford to lose in Probux.

    • Correct. PTCI reported the possible connection few weeks ago but lately we have noticed some people (probux moderators) claiming that PTCI is funded by rivals (e.g. neobux) to write all that. We felt that is fair to stand beside PTC Investigations and support the opinion of probux being connected to previous scam sites (onbux & upbux).

  12. Thank you for this in depth post about Probux! I recently had told my aunt not to use it because it is a scam, and she didn’t really believe me. I’ll have to email her this article – you definitely have more proof than I had. I used to use Neobux in the past and I wish I had more money to invest in referrals back in the heyday before it started drying up. It’s tough to get into these sites at the right time, though of course it would be ideal to find a sustainable “paid-to” website.


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