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Detailed ReportPrizelive is a free GPT site where members can earn money online using several very unique features as well as the usual offers. Because of these special features Prizelive is one of the few GPT sites suitable for international members regardless of their location. Members earn points at Prizelive with a value of $1 per point.

Personal earnings: The incentives to complete free offers at Prizelive are comparable to most other GPT sites and go from 0.002 points ($0.002) for Paid To Click (PTC) offers to 2 points ($2) for some free sign up offers. Overall, Prizelive has a nice amount of offers, many daily and monthly surveys, frequent contests, and much more. Active users will be able to make a few dollars every day with their own activity. Although North American and Western European countries have the most offers, the special features at Prizelive provides lots of earning opportunities to members from different countries as well.

Referral earnings: Prizelive has a two level referral structure with 10% referral earnings for each level. However, members earn points just from their first level referrals. Second level referrals earn their sponsors game credits (GCs) that can be redeemed for sweepstakes games. No earning feature is excluded from the referral earnings. Referral earnings can be increased by reaching certain milestones like referring a specific number of new users or having a specific number of direct referrals completed 5 offers each.

Offers: The free offers at Prizelive include email submits, sign up offers, quizzes, free samples, and downloads. There are also trial offers that usually charge the members a fee. In addition to their own offer wall, Prizelive collaborates with some established offer networks. Their offers can be found under Sponsors at the Earn tab. Prizelive provides a random bonus for each fifth offer completed at the same day.

PTC offers: Prizelive provides a huge amount of PTC ads to be clicked by the members. These ads can be found at Earn/Offers/Freebies/PTC. Each click is worth $0.002 but there is not timer. Members just have to click on the ad and a random link at the landing page. Depending on the member’s location, he can earn between $0.04 to $0.1 each day with these ads.

Exclusive offers: Exclusive offers at Prizelive contain PTC offers, videos, and special tasks that are higher paid as usual.

Surveys: Prizelive offers a great number of daily and monthly surveys. However, this depends on the location of the members. Member from English speaking countries have significant more surveys available than other members.

Videos: The video section at Prizelive contains a few videos each day depending on the location of the member.

Shopping: Prizelive offers a few cash-back opportunities for North American and Western European countries. For US members one of these opportunities is with 2% cash-back.

Daily Tasks: This special feature requires the members to watch some PTC ads to reveal the daily task. This task differs every day and can include completing a certain number of offers, referring a new member, or posting about Prizelive in a forum.

Own an offer: Prizelive has another absolutely unique feature. Members can redeem some of their points to own an offer for a week. Every time a different member completes this offer the owner will get 10% of the offer rate. Tip: Newly added offers, suitable for multiple countries are the best ones to own.

Upgrades: Prizelive offers for different upgrades. These upgrades can be bought for a certain time. They increase the offer rates and give the member a certain chance to get random new users added as their referrals.

Payouts: Prizelive has a payout limit of $1 for PayPal and $5 for Amazon gift cards and check. Payout requests via PayPal need up to 72 hours for the first request. All following requests are paid instantly.

Communication: Forum, Facebook, Contact Form

Important links: FAQs, TOS

Trivia: Unique script, online since May 2008, over 275,000 members, owned by Day Online Solutions LLC, headquarter is located at Louisville, KY.[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle] Bottom Line[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


Prizelive is a very unique GPT site with a lot of special features. The low payout limit of just $1 together with the high number of PTC ads make Prizelive an interesting site for international members from any country. However, Prizelive is not the most user-friendliest site to navigate because of all the unique features. New members need some time and patience to get used to Prizelive.

[wpspoiler name=”Pros” open=”true” style=”wpui-macish”]


Low payout limit of $1

prosA lot PTC ads for all users

prosTwo level referral structure

prosUnique special earning features like owning an offer

prosFriendly and active forum

prosEstablished site with a good history[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”Cons” open=”true” style=”wpui-macish”]

consNot a very user-friendly design used

consIt’s a little complicated with all the special earning features[/wpspoiler][/wptabcontent][/wptabs]


  1. Is it like another Swagbucks?

    • Yes, with smaller profit margin and lower minimum cashout limit.

  2. I tried it but i don’t like it. It’s way to hard and very hard to understand how it works and navigate.

  3. Exactly what do you do on this site? Is it surveys or what?

    • Yes, you complete surveys and various other offers. Kindly read the details of our review.

    • The interesting thing with Prizelive is that you can also use it like a PTC site if you don’t like offers and surveys. The have a lot PTC ads each day and their payout limit is low enough that you can reach it within two weeks by just clicking the PTC ads.

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