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Prizelive is shutting down its doors

Prizelive is shutting down its doors

 The news came out of surprise and intense shock for the majority of GPT community. The company that runs Prizelive (Online Solutions LLC) since 2008 successfully, decided to “merge” Prizelive with the sister site The reasons behind this decision are not clearly explained, however we would like to remind you that you can redeem your balance as the announcement explains which at least sounds professional and fair for the users. After these unexpected news, we removed Prizelive off of our listings. The features of the site are kinda not usable and almost every page redirects to the following announcement:

Effective January 6th, 2013, PrizeLive has announced it will be merging with its sister site. We are both happy and sad, but this merge is for the best of our company and for all members involved. Most of the site has already been shut down and closed. The NFL Contest will remain up until it’s over. Members will be able to login and cashout earnings up until at least March, but please do it as soon as possible. We’ve enabled Game Credit to Point conversions and lowered the cashout from $1.00 to $0.01 so everyone can cashout any and all earnings.

We would have automatically transferred all members to our sister site to complete the merge, but unfortunately many members have accounts at both (some with same username and some with not), so a seamless merge is impossible. Because of this, please register to our sister site as soon as possible.We thank you all for being a great member and hope to see you around at our other site.
Click here to convert your Game Credits to Points.
Happy New Year!! (Irony involved)


  1. I find that a lot of these places ultimately end up shutting down. I’m not sure why. Is the GPT model that hard to find people to monetize it?

    • A lot of enterprises are following the solution of merging in order to cut off expenses. GPT market couldn’t be an exclusion, huh? From those “merges” some people are ripped off. Here we have the great referrers. In the real life we have thousands of dismissals. That’s how i decode this story.

      On the other hand, you are addressing the problem differently. Lack of monetizing the member’s quality factors. I’m afraid that the average Joe is not enough to boost this area that needs even brighter minds.

  2. I’d say it is much better than scamming people. At least from the announcement it seems that they are giving ample opportunity to people to withdraw their earnings and hence one is not at a financial loss, but those people who have put in real effort in the site to create a large referral base and secure earning option would be real hurt since I guess they would have to start from scratch in the new site, if they haven’t been there already. Prizelive has been one of the topmost sites in the GPT industry for sometime and hence it is not good news for the industry, provided this is only an aberration, which only time will tell. I left that site long time ago, as there weren’t many offers for my country and earning from them was real hard.

  3. I already mentioned this on other places – everything around them is very strange. I was “into them” and participated actively and I can say that I haven’t met “stranger” people in my life.
    Whoever tried to advertise there probably finished in madhouse. I’m talking about their PTC sections on first place. Most of their ads not only were self-sponsored, but mostly blank, of non-existent or completely “what the hell” sites. As if you put a picture of a banana and that’s the site. :)
    I won’t post here links to other forums, but you can find conversations with them. If you want to advertise – Why do you want to advertise? What type of site?… Strange. This is why I don’t think that this has to do strictly with money, because they never cared actually.

    • So what is then? I understand what you said and sounds paradox but i can’t think of anything else except money. I mean, money out. Expenditure. Since they hold other GPT site/s, it would be prudent to “merge” these places. I’m content that there is a hidden aspect we certainly don’t know and we will never find out.

      By the way and this is a general reminder, the payments of the remaining balance have being sent successfully. Grab yours. :)

    • It is not really a “merging”. It’s just – Hey there, join our other sites if you haven’t yet. :)
      So what is then? Have no idea, but I guess (based on those hell sites) that they were probably, maybe, hm, doing some naughty things behind. Can’t prove, so I’ll zip my lips. :)

    • Okay, you put the things on the right track. It’s not “merging”. They are shutting Prizelive down and invite the users to come in the other place. Yes, good idea. Since i can’t identify anything “ugly”, I’m zipping my lips as well. Till i find something of course. :)

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