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Postloop – Earning By Posting/Commenting on Forums/Blogs

Postloop – Earning By Posting/Commenting on Forums/Blogs

Getting paid to post is normally not our preferable source of earning online but this site we are presenting in this post does have a prospect and that’s why we are writing for this right now. It is fairly new for us and it works smoothly for both groups (blog/forum owners & posters). How the system works? It’s quite easy to explain. Blog/forum owners (especially the ones who have launched a new project recently), seek for fresh new quality traffic. There is no better solution other than of attracting new posters who can comment on. Most likely a user without interest in a specific niche wouldn’t bother to comment in a place where the topics are not familiar with their personal range of knowledge. Also it’s difficult for someone to find all these new places searching with the help of an engine.

So, Postloop came with a neat program to connect both parties and creating a win-win situation. A series of easy to understand rules are set for maximizing the quality of the delivered service. Registration is free and no investment is required in order to get paid. Once you have done with the signing up you have to visit the support forum aka The Postloop Portal. Posting 10 quality  posts is a requirement for getting an approval. After that you will be ready to comment in the listed forum/blogs. The owners purchase credits, you do your job by posting there and receiving points. Things you should be careful with: You have to hit the subscribe button from the Postloop listing before start posting and don’t forget to read the guidelines of every forum or blog first.  For every post you make you get rated from the forum/blog owner so be careful what you’re posting. This is important for receiving your payment once you have collected the needed amount ($5). The rating range is between 0 and 5 and you need to retain a rating higher than the current average rating of all users. Paypal is the only payment option the site gives. Soon they may add more.

Sign up for free here and have a good posting.


  1. I started on Postloop a few days ago. I like the general concept behind it, but one thing that does puzzle me is that forums I’m on seem to keep being deactivated. I’ll see how it goes though.

  2. I’ve been working for postloop for just 2 weeks now, I haven’t earned as much as I used to earn when I was working as a freelance writer for several software/video game site, but so far working for them has been a very rewarding experience. I also love the fact you can cash out daily – if you manage to gather 100 points or more!

    I also love the fact it keeps my mind busy and I’m learning so much about so many things!

  3. I’ve been a member of Postloop for a while now, and although I’m not earning as much as some of your other readers, I’m finding it a rewarding experience.

    I’ve been posting regularly on a few forums related to my hobbies and I’m learning a lot and being paid to do so.

  4. It seems like everybody is doing a great job in postloop. Kudos to all of you and to postloop. One thing I want to emphasize in joining postloop and that is learning while posting either on a blog or a forum. Typically you either read and do your work separately since you’ll be much productive in focusing in one task at a time.

    But with postloop you can do both. There are times, I ended up in a website or post that is very informative yet I still get back to posting. It’s just my observation that I wanted to share.

    • Thanks for your honest report. It’s a pleasure to me having you all here. Great job! :)

  5. I agree with your comments about how Postloop is a win/win situation. I can see where it would benefit a new business to get some traffic going. One would also find out what articles seem to attract more people and then one can adjust their web site accordingly.

    I would imagine that most people would subscribe to only those sites that they have a genuine interest in so their input would be valid and useful. IMO!

  6. So it’s paid to comment. Nice!

  7. I just joined Postloop 3 nights ago and am already at the $5 minimum payout level, though I am going to let it go a tad higher before requesting payout.

    Not only does Postloop provide forum and blog owners quality and engaging traffic, it provides with a realistic means of earning an income online – a little extra each month to pay, let’s say, the water bill. Every little bit helps.

    Postloop also gives us the incentive to be better with our writing and communication skills … skills that have been on the decline with the advent of text messaging and the “coolness” factor of misspelling words and abbreviating unnecessarily.

    I’m grateful for Postloop and I hope Ryan and Postloop are here to stay for a good many years. Don’t abuse this gift folks!

    ~ Barbara

  8. I absolutely love postloop. Though I have only been a member of the site for about three months, I am able to earn about $5-10 per day.

    Through many of the forums I was introduced to through postloop, I have been able to find other valuable sites to earn some extra income as well.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to earn an extra $100USD per month. I dedicate about an hour or two per day for at least 5 days per week and earn around that much a month easily. It is not hard to be accept to the website either after you post your 10 posts in the portal. As long as you post thoughtful posts, with decent grammar, you should have no problems being accepted.

    I love the fact that they also run a referral program.

    • That sounds like a nice plant. Even a $100 per month might do me some good.

  9. I just started using postloop and so far it’s pretty good i love it i get to share my thoughts on all types of things and through postloop i have actually found really good sites that relate to me very much so. So i like it so far i find it pretty easy and a good way to make a little extra cash

  10. I have recently joined Post Loop and so far my experience has been excellent. Making the 10 posts on the Post Loop portal is pretty straight forward and as long as you write good English and keep your spelling correct then you will be accepted into Post Loop with no problems. I also still go back to the portal and still comment on there it’s a good place to learn new things and help others even though you don’t receive points from there once you have been accepted. Post Loop is a great site and if you like writing and commenting on subjects then you should give it a go.

  11. This seems like a good way for someone to start out making some money online. Sure, it’s not a lot of money, but you have to start somewhere, right? Besides, you could do this and roll your profits over into something else, and before you know it, you’ll be making some real money.

  12. Postloop is a unique website good for individuals who wants to express and share opinions with other people. Luckily, I’ve been with them for 10 months now and still earning my $5/day.

    Affiliate is another way to earn money on this site. I started posting in our local classified ads and attracted 20 people to join only to find out later on that half of them did not pass the test. Overall, Postloop is a good site to earn small amount of money everyday. It took only around 4 hours to get your $5 here or even more.

    • I can’t manage to get the 100 points in a day to earn $5. It’s so wonderful that you’re able to do so. I’ve also acquired a few referrals but sadly all but one was accepted. It’s quite difficult to get accepted to Postloop. Even with good English, you need to show the owner that you won’t be spamming the forums and blogs in Postloop.

  13. Nice

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