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Payza is causing slight problems on ClixSense – Official announcement published

As it seems, Payza is causing troubles on ClixSense, one of the biggest PTC sites around, currently. With a short announcement, ClixSense is asking from their users who can use the paypal option to change back from payza. It appears that ClixSense experiences cash-flow troubles that started from the card outage in deposits and continues with the lack of ClixSense to make a deposit via bank transfer (local or wire). It seems again that payza is not fully operating in the USA (ClixSense’s base).

Here is the original announcement taken from the ClixSense site:

We are reaching out to all members who currently have Payza elected as their payment processor to cashout. If you have a Paypal account we ask that you switch from Payza to Paypal as their fees to receive your cashouts are lower. Also it seems that Payza may be having issues as they again lost their ability to process credit cards and it seems we are unable to make any deposits to them. Please if you have your account set to cashout to Payza, switch to Paypal until these issues get resolved. We will keep you updated on this issue.

If you already have a pending cashout with Payza and wish to change it, you can click the Cancel link next to your pending cashout on the My Account page, then click profile and settings and change your cashout information here.

We appreciate your support in this matter.

The ClixSense Team

One Comment

  1. this is a sad effect of payza

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