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Payza enabled the visa card transactions back

Payza enabled the visa card transactions back

Pheew!! No, we didn’t see a hot girl walking around Earnings Area but it sounds like a miracle that just happened. Payza enabled the deposit option via card at least only for the ones supported by visa. We just published yesterday the problem with Clixsense that was going to occur soon due to the drought of receiving funds via payza and now that news coming like manna from heaven. Don’t forget that some exclusive payza users were stuck and blocked waiting a glimpse of hope. Unfortunately, payza has a lot of things to prove as we have been reading a lot of reports for lack of support and poor service delivery.

A note that payza has yet to publish something official related and it is only our own monitoring and many reports we managed to collect today. Alleluia!


  1. Have done a lot of research on payza, and here is what i have learned. Payza stems from alertpay, we are all familiar with alertpay, but not the fact that alertpay was targeted by a former fired employee in an attack to bring down the company. as you may remember alertpay lost many of its service q4 of 2011 and this was all subsequent to the attacks it received from this individual. since then alertpay has sued the former employee who was fired for defruading alertpay. and now have rebranded and began with payza. as it is a new company it has many bugs to work out but it is a promising venture as they are now backed by some european heavy hitters. i do believe that with visa now being able to process we will see more options in the short future….stay tuned. and hopefully we now have a true viable option to paypal finally!

  2. Paypal, payment method.Paypal verified with card issued by a bank from non-accepted by paypal country like : Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Georgia, Cameroon… and other countries.
    I attach at paypal account card issued by a bank from non accepted by paypal countries , after that proces paypal account will be VERIFIED, With that account you will be able buy from online stores, send and receive money without pay percentages to various intermediaries, directly to / from your card account.
    If are interested contact me.
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    • Earnings Area is against this type of dealings but i left it as an example of avoiding for our readers. We should everyone comply with payment processor’s Terms of Services if we want to be treated as valued customers having consumer rights. Also, you are not authorized to provide such services, hence your intentions are controversial. I hope some day Paypal expands its services in more countries. Till then use the services available.

      PS: The post is about Payza, not Paypal. :-)

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