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Get Paid to Write for Triond

Get Paid to Write for Triond

Another Paid to write site is presented today. Except reading our post we need you examining your skill in more creative methods while making money online. Besides, knowledge is treasure. Okay, actually the phrase introduces that knowledge is power but anyway. Triond is a paid to write service and not only for the reasons we shall explain below. The service belongs to Stanza Ltd., a privately held company based in Tel Aviv and the domain name is registered since 2006.


Registration & Activation

The registration is free of charge, no subscription is included and all countries are accepted. While you register your account you can fill all the optional fields such as your payment preference or leave it for later. There is the option using your facebook, gmail, yahoo, twitter account instead of registering a new account.



We  have dealt with easier to use dashboards but this one is definitely convenient. Kaspersky users might have experienced an issue with an alarm for phising URL while browsing the site, but we checked at virusTotal and it is totally clean. See the report: VirusTotal report


How it works

To make it more clear, at Triond except of writing articles you can publish content such as photos, videos or audio so it’s rather classified as paid to publish service where you can get benefited from various things. The idea behind Triond is that you publish the content based on few simple guidelines and if your content passes the approval of Triond staff it is published in niche blogs of Triond network. After that, you earn commissions out of the ad revenue. Triond pays you back a share (50%) of the earnings generated from the work you published.


Things we liked
  1. In a typical get paid to write service the client gives you strict guidelines to accomplish the task and get the payment successfully. Also, you may feel discouraged because as a newcomer the rules of the site cut you off of having jobs immediately. Being a Triond you can are free to start publish content like a blogger without blog. And here is the second reason why we liked Triond.
  2. You don’t need to have technical ability nor consume time at how the final outcome looks like. You submit your content using an editor that is similar to Office Word and that’s it from your part.
  3. You can brand yourself as a writer customizing your profile page (see here) and integrating your social media. You can also comment in other published topics inside the niche blogs of Triond and get more recognition for your profile page.
  4. You can meet other experienced, talented or newbie authors who have the same interest, visions or goals sharing ideas or even creating friendships.
  5. You can integrate your own Google AdSense account after 5 successfully published blog entries multiplying your earnings.


Things we didn’t like 

The slow loading times while browsing was one of the downsides. Moreover, we were expecting the implementation of other languages. For the time being, you can submit the content in English only. No affiliate earnings are offered as well.


Earnings & Payment info

Like we mention before the earnings come exclusively from the ad revenue you generate via your published content. The share is 50%. The same goes in case you have integrate your Google Adsense account. Payments are sent to Triond users on a net 15 basis. This means that the payments for each month’s activity will be issued on the 15th of the following month. For instance you will receive the earnings of April on the 15th day of May. Triond offers three option for receiving a payment: Paypal, Check or Western Union. The minimum is $0.5, $50 & $50 respectively.

Feel free to register at Triond and please leave your feedback using the comment section.



  1. I wrote a story on Triond a long time ago and it was published but I never received payment and now I’m having trouble logging in with my old password and username. Please advise. My story was called Waiting For Lizards

  2. Writing for triond is an awful experience. I was in Triond writing for more than 4 years and now I quit Triond and those who are in Triond, I am telling you that Triond is a big waste of time and it is high time one should quit triond. Not sure if you should quit Triond or not? Let me give you 10 reasons why you should quit triond.. check

  3. I just found your blog and let me tell you that I alread love it! I’m a freelance writer translation who recently lost her stable job and no longer has a steady source of income :( But I beleive that with your blog I’ll be able to find something suitable for me. Thanks a lot!


  4. I actually heard about Triond a long time ago. I did publish a few articles there. I get discouraged with these types of sites though. It seems like you put a lot of work into them and get so little in return.

  5. Of all the paid to write websites that I’ve joined, Triond is the easiest to publish at as well as having the lowest minimum payout which is at 50cents only. I manage to reach this low payout the first month I started publishing at Triond. I recommend Triond to newbie writers who want to gain experience writing online. For experienced writers, Triond may be a poor paymaster because the earnings are very low compared to other paid to write websites.

  6. I have never heard of Triond. The site seems like a good set up and after a little more research, I’ve not found anything horrible.

    My main question is… Do you get credit for your own work or is it more of a ghost writing set up?

    • No, it’s not ghostwriting. You get credit out of the advertising revenue your articles manage to gather.

  7. I think I want to give Triond a go. I’ve seen so many get paid to write sites, that all of them get bad reviews. Triond looks really promising and I’ve been writing a few good articles in the past. I always thought that I had no writing talent but it’s not all that hard to write something and publish it online.

  8. I have been on Triond for more than a year and I have posted more than 10 articles, some of which were of real quality. Still I saw the earnings only increase by slowly by a few cents only, till I gave up with Triond. Rather I’ve found a new site named Expertscolumn, where I could earn more in a single month than one year’s earning in Triond! Expertscolumn ranks much higher in Google than Triond, probably because it doesn’t entertain low-quality stuff like Triond. So unless the Triond owners decide to do positive changes in their site to improve it’d be better to forget Triond as a writer.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Expertscolumn was about to be reviewed soon.

    • You have to write way more than ten articles in a year to generate heavy revanue. On my first day alone I published 9 articles. It might be a slower way of making money, but money is money. If you stick with it as a hobby , eventually you can make a decent amount that can go into savings, or that you can treat yourself with.

  9. I’ve been joining Triond for about four months and published 20 articles with them, and so far I’ve earn just $0.15. At this rate, I’ll be another year before I can cash out my minimum payout. On the other hand, one thing I like about Triond is that it is quite easy to get your articles published there.

  10. Triond can be reasonable if you are willing to put in the effort. Essentially you need to add two or three good articles, preferably about hot topics, every day to make any kind of decent payout.

    However, you can add links and affiliate links in your articles. This is good for link-building. The most money I have made is by writing articles around a book sold via Amazon and then to embed an Amazon ad in the article itself.

    This way I’ve made money through Triond’s revenue share and I have made commission sales through Amazon sales.

    It’s good if you are clever about how you use it. A long and well-reasearched article with images will always do better.

    In my first month I made about $30, and I am still getting a residual income of about $20 per month. So I can see that if I really applied more effort to Triond I could make some decent money, but it takes a long time to build up enough of a base of articles there.

  11. Thank you for the reviews and suggestions.

    Just a quick question. Does your reputation affect your earnings in Triond?

    • They just review every submission separately and your past work doesn’t affect your future earnings. Your earnings depend on the quality of every article and not from your reputation in any extent.

  12. I’ve been with Triond for half a year and I have to say earnings at Triond is pretty slow. You should try ExpertColumn. The pay rate there is higher BUT you can only post high quality articles. My earnings to date is 5$ after 6 month.

  13. Most of these websites pay us through shared revenue, and Triond is no different. But from what I had seen most of these websites atleast pay more than 50% of the shared revenue, with some even paying 90% of the revenue. Looking at that we shall see that Triond is no good for us. It does not pay us upfront, and pays only a 50% shared revenue, and it shall take ages before we can cashout. Certainly not my pick.

  14. I have heard about Triond and I thought about checking them out. I write for Hubpages and Squidoo and I assumed that it was similar to these sites. I’ll check them out because I could always use some extra work.

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