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Paid To Post In myLot – Is it worth the while?

Paid To Post In myLot – Is it worth the while?

   MyLot is an online community where except for the fact of meeting wonderful, lame or just normal people you can earn out of the time you spend there. Earning streams are distinguished into posting new discussions, contribution in discussions created by others, uploading photos, performing search using the engine powered by yahoo, or completing tasks but let’s leave the “how it works” part aside for a while and spend some time in mentioning the boring stuff first.

  MyLot is started operating since 2005 and is owned by myLot LLC, a US based company whose office is located in Overland Park, Kansas. It is not a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited company from a search we have performed. The script myLot uses, is unique without saying that is nice, the interface (including layout) is easy to understand and to use even though is not something good to look at but this opinion comes over our personal taste and thus it’s minor to discuss further. On the other hand, it is something that should never influence your judge about the program itself. The total members since the day one is reaching the level of 2 hundred and fifty thousand registered users.

First things to do after registering in myLot

   We won’t set you strict guidelines and you can do whatever you are pleased from without taking account our suggestions, however if you are new to myLot try to follow (too simplified) what you are reading here plus when you find time during the first few days , make friend the FAQ of myLot.

Complete your profile

   To start from something and to engage with myLot, you need to make yourself known to the system by completing your profile (find it on the top of your screen) and your interests. Adding into your profile a webpage’s URL of yours which can be anything such as blog, site, hubpage, squidoo lens, facebook fan page, youtube channel etc., you take a side benefit of making more popular the thing you promote by doing that. Your interests can be added or edited from the pull down menu that is located at the bottom of the header. Your interests contain things you have been already experiencing or you always plan to do but you never had the time or been in the right place.

Benefit of myLot except earning

   MyLot is a nice place to find info or get interested with something you’ve never thought that would be plied with. But don’t tie with it, meaning that some conversations could be abused by people who came there to earn money because this concept is a paid to post thingie and not a forum community with a certain orientation, don’t ever forget. You can always report the spam though and generally myLot staff is fairly good but need more or even further more effort to purge by the bad elements.

   You can make new friends. Online friends but still is valuable for many including the author of this review. People with common interests or uncommon devotion to learn from or teach you new things. It is kind of chaotic place to find out the most suitable member to your persona and you may never find a friend but keep digging. Personally, I was never interested to fill up a list with many friends in order to seem accepted but it is your call to decide for.

   It is already mentioned above but repetition is the mother of knowledge, so don’t forget to promote something you like from your profile. This will convert visits as the time goes and not immediately of course.

Ways of earning

  • Post, post, post. But stay in the line of posting guidelines. Be qualitative and try your post to be descriptive and make good sense and point. There is a rating system which rate you using a secret complex algorithm (nobody knows the criteria exactly) and the credits are given in a 24-hour base. You will find the “discussions” area beside the “interests” one, remember? Pull down menu, at the top of the header. To return back on the rating system I would say that is vague the way this system works cause there is a common understanding not only by me but also from others that some days are down or up without logical backing up. The system is secret because there is always a danger of being abused if it was ever disclosed the way it works. The official explanation makes a lot sense taking past experience into account.
  • Uploading Images. You can earn credits by uploading images when you open a new discussion. Images uploaded in your profile or anywhere outside the discussion’s area is not counted in. The rate is unknown as well.
  • Searching is another way to earn money at myLot. The rate is also vague here.
  • Complete tasks. From the pull down menu you can browse in the related subcategories. The outcome of every task is pre-defined. You may be asked to revise your work, correcting the mistakes you did, according to the specified guidelines that will be sent to you by the creator of the specific task. You have 7 days to complete the task after it is returned to you for revision. In case of further delay you will be permanently rejected.
  • Affiliate program. The site gives 25% of the earnings your referral makes, back to you. It is a decent percent and the most interesting feature for all the ones who want to spare their time on some other daily task.

Payment options and payout limit

   Paypal is the only payout option and seems like may discourage some from taking part since there is no other way of redemption. $10 is the payout minimum limit or can be set for even higher if you want to. Once you have collected the minimum amount at the end of every month you will get paid on the 15th of the following month. For instance, you managed to collect $35 in June, then you will receive the payment on the 15th of July, normally. One day before or later doesn’t hurt.

The Bottom Line

    The site is legit, however the decision for being part of myLot is totally up to you. The money you can accumulate is exclusively based on your own activity. To give an honest advice, this can never become your favourite earning opportunity if you plan to participate without referring any. If you have plenty of free time and you are generally new to making money online, I would tell you to go and register because it is a place where you learn the basics about earning online, no special skills are needed and also a place like every forum community with pros and cons, nasty or awesome people you can cut off or deal with respectively.


  1. MyLot was OK while it lasted, but unfortunately they stopped paying two or three months ago. It’s only moneymaking use now is as a place to dump your referral links.

  2. I tried out MyLot and I really didn’t care for it. The threads were completely useless. The payouts were horrible. I would not recommend this site to anyone I know. It is a complete waste of time.

  3. I did give Mylot a try some time ago, but I got fed up pretty quickly. The sit was way too busy, and it almost gave me a headache looking at it. I also found a lot of the threads completely inane and of no substance whatsoever, meaning it was hard to get a decent debate going. And the payout levels were shockingly bad. Not for me, I’m afraid.

  4. Thanks for all of these reviews! I’ve heard about MyLot from a few different people now and was wondering exactly how it worked. It seems that majority has it as a slow earner. I do like chatting but would like to make a little bit of change in my spare time.

  5. I signed up to write on myLot but didn’t execute any work. I had a change of heart once I learned that the site isn’t as good as it claims to be. I wouldn’t want to work hard on something only to find out that I won’t make any more than 20 or 40 a month–it’s a waste of my time. I think I may close my account, and find writing sites elsewhere.

  6. I’ve tried My Lot several times and have always ended up giving up in the end. I like chatting and I like earning money so you’d think they’d be perfect for me. For some reason though, I’ve never been able to make any money with this site.

  7. I have just recently signed up for myLot. I am not real sure I will be sticking with it though. I have only been getting a penny for anything I do, I just don’t think it is worth the time. Also, there are to many pop up sites while trying to read posts and blogs.

  8. I’ve been a member of myLot for more than three years and in all that time I’ve been with myLot, I’m quite embarrassed to say that I’ve only been paid six times which is quite pathetic but anybody’s standard. MyLot isn’t a place to get rich but I know of members who get paid every month. These members probably spend more than eight or ten hours a day on myLot but I’m very sure that the most they’ve ever got paid by myLot is less than $100 a month even with many referrals.

    One way to increase the earnings at myLot is to have many active referrals and also to do the tasks. But then even the tasks don’t pay that much so I just don’t bother with them either. I just participate at myLot for the fun of it and it’s fun, no doubt about that and you can meet many interesting people too.

  9. I always was a little frustrated with mylot. I never posted or wrote on the site but when I go there to see a question there is always an ad that pops in the middle of me reading something. I always found that kind of annoying and wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people never go to that site.

  10. Thanks for the review.

    I will check it out, and if I like the community, the added monetary benefit will be a nice little addition to my participation.

  11. Being a member of mylot has many benefits but in my opinion, if your goal is to earn, you might be disappointed. As stated, mylot is good site to spruce up your profile with links and make friends.

    I also learn many tips and get to share a bit of helpful info as well.

  12. MyLot used to be great. They used to pay out quite nicely and were a place that always came highly recommended for making money. When the economy took a dive, so did a lot of online sites like that, though. They couldn’t afford to pay out nearly as much and people started leaving. There’s still plenty of traffic, but the people who are there still or who join now, aren’t really posting anything high quality, so not only is not as profitable, but it’s not as enjoyable either.

  13. I used to use MyLot – hmm, wonder if I should try it out again?! I love getting to talk and chat with others for money, but MyLot seems to be a veeeery slow earner. I was active every day for months and never reached payout – I hate how vague the rules used to be about what you can and cannot do, though it may not be like that anymore. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one :)

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