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Options added

Some minor features are added since the page is receiving more visitors than used to. A new page called “Conversation Bureau” located at secondary menu bar has been added and waiting new comments. It is your own lounge but please keep the delivery of the content on a high level. The transition from the old to new environment and the proper pages’ reformation is not yet finished due to unpredictable circumstances and one of the reasons this page is created. To give the chance and comment for things are not listed and cannot be addressed. As usual everyone can comment either registered user or outside commenter.

Secondly, we would like to introduce the PM feature to subscribers. The major purpose of this implementation is to give you the chance of reaching the administrator more directly and fast. This concerns the registered users (subscribers) and not the outside commenters. You can receive and send private messages but please keep it clean. This is the first and last friendly warning. If any of the registered users reports me a spam issue, then the sending privilege of every subscriber will be revoked and you will be able to receive only notifications from the administrator or any other staff member. Of course you can still use the contact form at any time.

More to come. :-)


  1. Both of these are good updates, especially the PM feature. It’s definitely a good thing when a site keeps adding more functionality. It will keep us coming back for more!

  2. Thank for you adding the PM feature. It’s always nice to have more functionality and there are those times when one wants to communicate more fully with a particular person and others might not be so interested in a continuing conversation.

    Thanks again!

    • You are very welcome. :-)

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