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Neobux released Adprize

The secret inside the few days ago’s announcement from Neobux’s Admin finally is revealed. A clicking incentive, the Adprize has been created since yesterday and brought positive comments from both users and advertisers. What is this about though?

Making it simple in explanation, once you click any type of advertisement and you are successfully being credited out of it, you obtain two chances for gaining a prize by viewing an advertisement from the AdPrize’s area. The AdPrize’s area is a rectangle which is green and active when it has a chance (raffle) inside. It looks like as it is shown at the following pic:

The number you see (in our case the “2”) identifies the chances you have. Every chance lasts 30 minutes after the raffle obtaining so make sure that you have seen all the AdPrize ads before the expiration of them. Now that we have viewed all our AdPrize ads our rectangle became grey and inactive. You must see an other regular advertisement (micro, mini, standard, extended) for making it active again and so on.

Now, some important details that we separated from the whole long announcement for making your life easier. However you can read the whole announcement here:

Introducing AdPrize

Concentrate on some interesting info here:
Now, the amount of prizes available daily:

Daily there will be around 1907 prizes worth approximately $1820. This value can deviate a bit being higher or lower due to odds and daily activity fluctuation. The first 72 hours will be used to fine tune everything so expect a larger difference in this initial period. Every day we’ll give you the same odds according to the last day’s activity so that the prizes can be always the same every day, forever. Currently that’s the amount we can offer daily but it can increase in the future.
What are the prizes available daily?

  • Memberships (10 memberships divided in 10 prizes worth $900):
    • 10 x Golden membership = $900
  • Monetary prizes added to the main balance ($800 divided in 786 prizes):
    • 400 x $0.25 = $100
    • 200 x $0.50 = $100
    • 100 x $1.00 = $100
    • 50 x $2.00 = $100
    • 20 x $5.00 = $100
    • 10 x $10.00 = $100
    • 4 x $25.00 = $100
    • 2 x $50.00 = $100
  • NeoPoint prizes (40000 NeoPoints divided in 1111 prizes worth $120):
    • 1000 x 10 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints
    • 100 x 100 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints
    • 10 x 1000 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints
    • 1 x 10000 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints

How many prizes can I win per day?

There’s no limit in term of prizes or monetary amount. It all depends on luck as per the announced odds.

How will advertisers benefit?

Well, this is the most interesting and magical part of the whole concept.
Advertisers will still purchase the amount of clicks for the exposure type they want as they always did but now, when they purchase them and users view their advertisement(s) is when the magic happens: Each exposure will give them not only the purchased clicks but also from twice to 15 times the amount purchased to be displayed again.

How will the bonus be distributed to advertisements?

Depending on the amount of clicks and the type of exposure, you’ll get from 2 times to 16 times what you’ve purchased. Each time a user sees one of your advertisement you’ll be granted from 1 to 15 AdPrize credits (depending on the exposure type) and your advertisement will be viewed for free as a bonus after it has expired or when it’s paused.

  • Here’s how the distribution will work:
    • Micro Exposure: 2x:
      You’ll get what you purchased and the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Mini Exposure: 4x:
      You’ll get what you purchased and 3 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Standard Exposure: 8x:
      You’ll get what you purchased and 7 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Extended Exposure: 16x:
      You’ll get what you purchased and 15 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
    • Fixed Advertisements: Varies:
      Your advertisement will get more views during and after the exposed period in AdPrize.

We apologize in advance for the long post, however we think that we have included all the valuable info for you to judge. We may run a poll about your achievement in AdPrize so far. Till then keep AdPrizing…


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