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Neobux made it easier for you – Improvements announced

Neobux announced improvements that may excite you and might you do think seriously to join it back or be more active with it. 3 changes are announced and 1 of them concern all the users, one of them the new users or the non registered ones and the rest one the ultimate pack holders.

  1. New registered users can start referring direct referrals 15 days after their registration date. It used to be after 30 days. They still have to click 100 advertisements first.
  2. Neocoin offers are being credited after 30 days of completion. For the old ones which are pending you have to wait the remaining days according to the old rule (60 days).
  3. Ultimate members do have vacations every day, meaning they don’t have to click advertisements anymore for getting credit out of their ref. clicks. Note that they have to be aware of the activity rule (temporarily suspension after 30 days of inactivity and balance reset). So attention, log in and click some ads once in a while. We recommend to stay active when you can. More chances to earn more. Every $ is worth, don’t kick it out of your piggybank.

Official announcement: New Limits


  1. Neobux is great, and I’m happy with all of these changes. Now I just need to work on getting an Ultimate account upgrade. I can’t wait to take advantage of number three on the list!

  2. Thank you for the information. i am going to havevto give Neobux another shot.

  3. I will be taking a look at this soon. I’m always on the prowl for any way to make a buck. It’s surprising how a few bucks here and there really adds up on a monthly basis.

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