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Mini Jobs are introduced at neobux, the competitor of ClixSense Tasks!

Mini Jobs are introduced at neobux, the competitor of ClixSense Tasks!

A new feature for neobux finally arrived and although it is not that much innovative, it is very practical for those who have spare time and need more chances to generate income out of their own work. The name of it? Mini Jobs.

Mini Jobs is nothing more than CrowdFlower tasks, the same tasks you might have dealt with at ClixSense or at other GPT sites like InboxDollars, for instance. A significant difference comparing them with the  neocoin and neopoint offers is that you get credited immediately with cash in your balance. Mini Jobs are located in the offers’ area of Neobux and soon will be announced the rate of ref. commissions that you will get when a referral completes a task successfully. You need to be careful before submitting your answers because a penalty can be placed on your account for a specific task or even a permanent ban of further participation on them. The instructions are available for reading in every single task, however there is a feedback which you can use it for requesting improvements on the process of every task. Most of the tasks are related to searching stuff throughout the internet and finding info about a certain query. The solo workers must feel happy after this announcement for sure.

Updated: August 10, 2012 ~ Neobux announced further extra earning possibilities through the mini jobs. The applied implementations have retroactive character, meaning you get credited out of the mini jobs you have already completed.

1. A 12% is earned from your referral completed mini jobs.

2. You get a bonus for every $1 earned from mini jobs and the quota varies. By being a standard member you get a 12% bonus, while the golden members receive a 24% bonus.


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  1. Yes. Actually there are plenty of people who are making quite a lot from Mini Jobs alone. I have seen people earning more than $50 a month from Mini Jobs alone. It does help them with getting rented referrals, and doing plenty of mini jobs in the beginning shall help you attain the funds needed to upgrade your account and gain some rented referrals for your account. I have seen many doing so with Neobux.

  2. If you are not getting mini jobs, you can download this program.
    By this software, you will get jobs as American user. and everyone know that for USA there are too many jobs.


    • Your link has been removed since we don’t encourage the cheating in any way. The offers target certain countries for a reason. For instance someone may want the opinion of an Eskimo in how an igloo can be constructed and you cannot help with dubious answers in case of a survey.

  3. The thing about that mini jobs $1 bonus is that you don’t make more than 15 cents on a task, so you have to have patient and be willing to work at it for an hour or so to get that bonus. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t, I’m just saying that you need to have patients when working with the mini jobs.

  4. I am going to give Neobux a try. I have always heard good things about them, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort. But mini jobs are right up my alley, and with all the other ways you can earn, this could be a lot of fun. Thank you for the informative post.

  5. With so my GPT sites popping up these days it is a wise decision they made to add new tasks for members to do. That way they should be able to keep their current members and also attract new ones. This move will sure help to keep them one of the best GPT sites in the business.

  6. It can be a good option for people who are not succeeding in getting referrals. That’s why I left the site on 2010 as I was disappointed with it and PTC sites in general.

  7. Thanks for the post! I have been thinking about joining Neobux for a while! This post has been very beneficial! Thanks

  8. I think this is an excellent idea and a great addition to neobux.
    As a fan of GPT and PTC sites I’m always looking for something unique. I’m not sure how these “mini jobs” actually work first hand. Although they seem interesting and I want to learn more about them.

    Thank You for the great post!

  9. I would like more details about this new site, not sure when they added this section but it seems interesting to look into.

  10. I would like to learn more about this site could you but more detailed information about it up.

    • Hi Vicenta, if I’m not mistaken i have answered you about how neobux works in the review area that concerns the neobux features, downsides etc.. Take an eye on here. If by any chance my explanation was incomprehensible and/or confusing, please ask again and i will try a better one. If you want to go solo & don’t like the PTC ads you can try the neocoin offers or the mini jobs that give real money and not just cents. Don’t shy to pm me or send a support ticket for more personal guidance regarding your account. :-)

  11. Interesting. Thanks for the tip. I will be looking into it.

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