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MyBrowserCash is hit by DDoS attack

MyBrowserCash is under DDoS as the official text explains while you try to log in.

We are currently Experiencing a DDOS (now they are targeting the members area servers)

We are working on restoring access to the Members Area ASAP (updated 12:36 server time)

The Rental Run Ran Correctly Yesterday (for 2012-06-04) and Rentals Paid Out As Normal.

It doesn’t look like a DDoS attack right now rather an issue with the members’ data restoration that has been caused from the DDoS attack. The admins are working on the problem as their response posted at the official forum is addressing the situation:

As you may know on Saturday June 2nd starting at 12:45PM EST the main MyBrowserCash Domain was a target of
a large scale DDOS attack. This affected access to and our ad servers.

The DDOS started once again on Monday June 4th attacking the same servers. After resolving the issue with the
affected servers and services, approximately 6:01PM EST June 4th the attack then targeted the Members Area servers
(this is because we have implemented protection on the servers that were originally targeted which then stopped
those attacks so they decided to target the members area)

It is obvious the person responsible has access to the Important System Message (as in they are a member) as while
we were posting updates the attacks would start again.

The problem restoring access to the members area is because we moved all the members servers to be under the protection
as well, however this causes many issues with Certificates and we have to modify many things in order make it work
properly by moving it to this new environment.

We are now simply waiting for the SSL data to be put into the protection system, and once this is done the members area should
be fully functional. We estimate this to be in just a few hours.

The members are nervous but the situation seems that is under control. More info later.

MybrowsercashUpdate June 06, 2012 11:49:23 PM: The problem is solved. You can visit your member’s area through this link:

Many thanks to peewee7  for the fast update. :-)

MybrowsercashUpdate June 13, 2012 6:10:28 PM: The members have trouble logging in their accounts. Problems with the database once again.

MybrowsercashUpdate June 13, 2012 7:07:15 PM: Site is back up and running. Member have full access.


  1. I was sweating bullets with this latest attack as it seems it took them longer than normal to restore things. I recently joined about 5 weeks ago and I had just hit making an average of $1 a day and I am at payout level if I wish to do so.

    Now things are back to normal at MBC, I’m getting an average of 35 slideup ads a day, and I’m happy!

    • Thanks, it works. :-)

  2. MBC is back online :)

    • Thanks for the update but I’m still receiving the same message after clearing my Windows and browser’s cache and trying with different IP address.

  3. I hope they can fix the problems soon.

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