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MyBrowserCash – Breaking News

We are in the unpleasant position to inform you that the MyBrowserCash’s paypal account is limited and you cannot fund your account or withdraw funds out of it just for this reason. This came from the official update that MyBrowserCash published. As per their notice the issue may take up to 7 days to get a proper resolve.

According to our personal thinking and putting the things down, we have no hopes about paypal. Analyzing the investment part of this programs it obviously comes against the paypal policies. We as a blog have been primarily promoting the browsing part of the program which is a free of charge way for making money. The “buy shares option”  is an additional feature that the program gives to users and in any case we don’t recommend to go on with it anymore. At least you have to wait until the paypal option is come back again which is really doubtful. We say anymore because we acknowledge that some of you may haven’t resisted in the temptation of buying shares. We leave our readers to have the final decision because as our policy states we have to deal with persons above the age of 18 who are capable of taking decisions of their own. Nevertheless, we hope for the best. Mybrowsercash may resolve this and we wish them good luck but let’s be all realistic here, the paypal option most likely won’t be ever reactivated.  The alertpay transactions are being processed for the time being but for how long?

Food for thinking.

UpdateUpdate – May 14, 2012: Paypal is back after a long time. Read the official note:

MybrowserCash's announcement regarding paypal issue

2012-05-14: We are happy to announce Paypal is back up for withdrawals. We have some final configurations to finish before it is available once again for deposits. Going forward there will be a sitewide deposit limit per month through Paypal. Also, We ask if you have a withdrawal request through Alertpay (due to the paypal issue) to please cancel and resubmit through Paypal(please only do this if you submitted withdrawal requests to Alertpay because of the Paypal Issue). This will help us catch up on withdrawal requests much faster. We apologize for the extended delay in getting Paypal back up.




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