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MyBrowserCash – Awaiting Feedback

We have read plenty of reports throughout the net about delays in payments at MyBrowserCash. Since the primary concern of this blog is our readers’ safety, we would like to organize a poll regarding MyBrowserCash’s payment consistency. So, just stop by and leave your feedback about this.

Thank you.


  1. SCAM!!! First this has this unusual 20 dollar limit. Lets leave that aside. I reached the limit and then they said something about an ad income limit of 5 dollars should be exceeded. I checked the limit and it was above 15 dollars. I now have 34 plus dollars in my account and these ****** have blocked me from entering the site showing some error msg. Bullshit site to trust although there are people who trust in this site.

  2. Like the results of the poll disclose, mybrowsercash is a high risk venture and we suggest you to stay away of it.


  3. iv been with them from start 2 payments only after threterning them it still took 3 – 4 months to get money now i go in and my lates withdraw that has been whating 4 months again has just gone up in smoke disserpered all relevent info from account for it has neen
    erased as well i keep ther as i have money in it but cant get it out it is a ponsy scam a scam is a scam

  4. We are waiting for more votes. The more the participation the clearer the results and the conclusions will be. We may investigate the issue further writing a new report about Mybrowsercash.

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