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Mister Goody – Another alternative for freelancers and businesses

Mister Goody – Another alternative for freelancers and businesses

Mister Goody is another great market place where you can get benefit out of your skills by doing freelancing work. The process is simple: Just sign up for an account, browse the available categories given, make your offer (you can be as creative as you want but stick to the category) and get a notification that a user is interested on what you offer. Once you have done the job and the client is satisfied then you get the 50% of the fixed-price you have set. Try to add a detailed description or video about what you offer so the users get interested more easily. Also, being a Mister Goody member you have the chance to earn extra cash out of affiliate commissions. You get 20% from every sale. Isn’t bad. Is it? Just visit the affiliate section when you log in. You can find more info here. You can receive payments via paypal and alertpay.

Of course the page works in both ways. It’s not only for people who offer their services but mainly for people who want to have their job done quickly and effectively.

Mister Goody is a registered company which gives the opportunity to become a shareholder. More info you can find on this page here.


  1. is another which I like but better in my opinion.

  2. While the site sounds interesting, never join a bidding site without looking at the bids closely.
    One member in the Virtual Assistant area offers 3 hours of data entry work for $10.00.

    A writer offers to write two 500-word, keyword-optimized articles for you, and to submit them to article sites, for $10.00.

    The lower the bids, the less you will make, now and in the future as you lower your own worth to compete with those who can afford to undercut the market.

    Just be VERY careful!

  3. Interesting. I had not heard of this site either. I will definitely be taking a look at it. Thank you for your investigative work!

  4. Sounds interesting I have worked on other freelance sites before but this is the first I have heard of this one will probably sing up and give it a go.

  5. thank for your post

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