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Matrixmails – Anyone interested?

On the last day of May, Earnings Area is seeking for a lucky MatrixMails user to register under. The first poster on this topic wins. Just post your affiliate link and we will gladly join you at Matrixmails. Been a long away of this site so it’s time to keep a close eye back on them.

Hurry up. :-)


  1. Thanks for joining Earnings Area (admin) and tajnz!
    I hope you like the site.

    • You are welcome. :-)

  2. Although I’ve researched lots of PTC type sites I’ve never heard of Matrixmails. It does look like a promising site though as there looks to be multiple ways to earn and a low achievable cash out rate.

    I’ll give it a go and register under you Peewee7.

    • It’s classified as PTR (Paid to read, by receiving e-mails) although is pretty much as same as a PTC. It’s 10 years old hence established. Of course you can give it a go without second thought. PTCBox belongs to the same network as well.


      PTCBox by Matrixmails

  3. I’m the peewee7 from PTCTalk forum and Neobux :-)
    Here’s my link:

    Thanks for joining!

    Can you notify me if you’re planning to upgrade with lifetime matrix?
    I’m not upgraded yet. If not that’s ok too!

    • I’m the peewee7 from PTCTalk forum and Neobux

      That’s right. ;-)

      I’m just registering for the time being (408638). I will notify you once i have returned from the trip I’m going. Or earlier. :-)

  4. It’s not the last day of May anymore, but I don’t see any replays yet.
    If you didn’t join Matrixmails already, please let me know, and I will be happy to sent you a link.

    • You are the first one. I wonder why nobody else got interested from the offer. Are you the “Peewee7” i know? Post your link. :-)

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