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Make Money With CloudCrowd

Make Money With CloudCrowd

Do you have certain skills as well as well free time to dedicate while you sit in front of your computer? Then, CloudCrowd program can reward you every day by completing  simple tasks such as searching or more complicated ones such as translating. All you need to have is a paypal account for redeeming your money earned and a facebook account. CloudCrowd application is running through Facebook, that is why you need to have a facebook account. You don’t have them both or one of those requirements? It’s really not a problem. You can sign up for a new paypal account from here or a facebook account from here.

What jobs does CloudCrowd deliver though?

We mentioned few of them above. In total, you can deal with translation, writing, editing, online research, data entry and verification. There is a catch though. Some tasks require Credentials while others not. For instance, for translating a text from English to Chinese you must be able to communicate in both languages fluently. For acquiring a certain Credential you must pass successfully a test that you can find inside. Review the following screenshot:

CloudCrowd Credentials Test


So in case you feel that you do have a certain skill, don’t hesitate to obtain a credential and then your chances for completing more tasks is getting increased. Keep in mind that either for the simpler tasks you have to follow the guidelines to the letter. Every time you get in you can find all the help you need for completing the task. Apart from the Credentials you have to have a minimum score that defines your credibility as worker. Once you started you should have 30. Try to raise it as much as you can and keep in mind that taking many rejects may result in your account’s suspension.

We suggest you to complete few tasks via the practice mode in order to familiarize yourselves with the application. This is located near the credential tab in your account panel. Keep in mind that you won’t get credited while you complete tasks nor you risk your credibility score:

CloudCrowd Practice


There is a support forum where you can find valuable info about the program:

CloudCrowd Forum

Would you like to try your skills?

Get inside the Cloudcrowd platform!!


  1. Thanks for the information. I think I’ll give CloudCrowd a try. I’m always looking for new income streams.

  2. Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain it. I didn’t even try to sign up because I really don’t know that site, and was kinf of afraid they’d spy on me or something like that. I know it might sound silly, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    I’ll sign up tomorrow :) Your comment made me feel at ease, and I think this is a good chance that just can’t be missed! Thanks a lot1

  3. I think I tried to sign up to this web site before, but I was wondering why they needed me to have a Facebook account to do it. Does anyone know the real reason behind this?

    I’d really like to sign up to this web site, because it sounds like another good wa to make money online, but it kinda bothers me the fact you need to have a facebook account in order to sign up.

    • I think I tried to sign up to this web site before, but I was wondering why they needed me to have a Facebook account to do it. Does anyone know the real reason behind this?

      It’s because CloudCrowd runs as Facebook application which you have to install into your profile on Facebook.

  4. Very nice information.Keep up the good work.I really like sites like this that pay you for your skills and that they pay you daily.

  5. I’ve heard good and not so good reviews about cloudcrowd. My another concern is having to sign up using my facebook account. I prefer not to sign up in this method; this is the reason why I’m hesitant in trying other opportunities.

    I hope there would be another way of becoming part of cloudcrowd.

    • Yes i am hesitant too when it comes to sign up with the facebook account for other sites not to mention that i don’t sympathize facebook much either way. :) When i see their name mentioned i say: “hey again with this social network, I’m sick of it”. However the company is legit and i didn’t mind to try out. I like their consistency in payouts. A positive aspect you should consider.

  6. I had a CloudCrowd account last year, but they did not have enough jobs that I wa qualified for. Most of the jobs were translation, though I did see some transcription on there and some writing assignments. I wish it could have worked out because I absolutely loved the fact that they pay daily. Great post!

    • Yes, CloudCrowd it is a nice place to make some money as well as training our skills in writing, editing, translating etc. Always check for new jobs when you are online. Piece of advice.

    • I think adding the training was a smart move on their part. I have signed up but not started any jobs yet.

  7. This sounds like a great tip. I’ve already bookmarked the page for this company and will definitely be checking it out at some point. Keep the tips coming. I LOVE doing research on-line for these types of opportunities.

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