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iWriter – Become A Freelance Writer On Demand

iWriter – Become A Freelance Writer On Demand

Since you have managed to polish your skills in writing short articles by reading and following our previous recommendations, we can go ahead to the next level of you becoming an on-demand writer. Yes you read well and it’s easy to accomplish this goal if you are yearned to learn about new things for which you never heard before, but confronting this shortcoming with your talent to generate articles, testimonials, reviews etc., following a client’s special or non-special willing.

iWriter comes in handy to a rookie for reasons we will analyze later. First of all, a brief introduction. iWriter was created by Brad Callen in 2011. Brad Callen is known in marketing world as SEO expert and it seems that has earned a high reputation around this niche. So you expect something positive by this venture too. Correct. iWriter is already very successful in terms of high ranking, delivery-demand promptness and fast track, however it doesn’t mean that it is perfect for everyone or we prefer it better over another site for freelance writers.

First of all you can either be a writer or client. There is no limitation and you are not liable to register a separate account and follow a different interface. The layout is very neat and beautiful for those admiring beauties. :) Although we “warned” you that you can be Dr. Jekyll (client) and Mister Hyde (writer) the same time we are going to divide the presentation into two detached perspectives. Client’s and writer’s.


Writer’s perspective

Start immediately

A detail that doesn’t discourage the beginner writers is that you are not obliged to pass through a hectic examination by sending a sample short piece of writing to prove your dexterity. You would tell me, whether someone is prepared to form a carrier across this area should deal with this duty like it was a piece of cake to them. I could mention instead the incident when my pathologist whom I had appointed because I had caught flu sent me for a quick examination to a cardiologist. And all that because I was very nervous during the examination and my heart’s bits was heading up to the roof. Now consider that you have to be productive. Ok, I’m just kidding.



Another good thing is that you are going to start writing immediately. There is a decent amount of requests always available even for the rookies. Except in English you can even find requests in French, Spanish, German or any other language. That’s a good thing for the multilingual guys/gals of Earnings Area but consider that come rare in amount when they come. So mainly you will find requests for articles in English.


Different types of status

Since there is no evaluation filter when you start, everyone is starting the career as standard writer. Perhaps and along with the low pay rate this is why iWriter is not highly respected by the pleura of expert writers. To become premium or elite writer you ought to complete 30 articles and receive a grade of more than 4 or 4.6 for either status respectively. Lately iWriter announced a new system the called “iWriter Fast Track Program” where you can apply to be evaluated in 3 articles avoiding the painful procedure. But you have to pay $147 to apply? No thanks.


Be afraid of the client

It seems so that some requesters are not playing a fair game or expect too much for a minor incentive. Be careful and always check the approval rate of every client. Since they have every right from the system to reject and seek for another writer without paying you. You must also be diligent with the special instructions if existed.


Payment rates and time of accomplishment

First of all you need to be fast at writing on iWriters otherwise you can’t succeed. The set time threshold is normally 3-4-5 hours for a topic of which you have no idea but you need to perform a wild research and write a unique content right away. It’s not easy when you begin but you can find a well-working pace in latter time. In such rates you need at least to complete an article every hour to collect something. Believe me. Because the rates are really low from a writer’s perspective. $2.43 for a 500 words article with special instructions included? Please mercy. Elite writers earn significantly higher earnings. Almost 4x. A nice feature is that the client can tip you for providing a work which is worth more than is paid. Good, but expect it happened rarely. You get paid weekly, every 2 weeks, every month on the 5th or every month on the 25th. You need to pick one option off of all 4.


Client’s Perspective

Cheap Rates

That’s a heaven for cheapskate content seekers. The rates are so lowered down that you can find very quality articles written by Elite users in very affordable prices for the quality you are provided with. I recommend this place blindly if your only criterion is the price.


Content quality

It’s not always good. Sometimes it is spun as well. It is supposed that all the articles pass over a check via copyscape but I have read a particular case where the system couldn’t detect the real level of plagiarism which was pretty high. Like we have mentioned before there are some really good Premium-Elite writers you could rely on. The system gives you the opportunity to add either your favorites writers or an ignore list. Check your settings.


Payment options

Unfortunately only one, Paypal and now I’m very sad because my comrades in Antarctica cannot yet been paid. I hope that Brad will consider adding a new payment option soon.


Important Links

FAQ, Contact Us


Affiliate Program

The site offers an affiliate program so you can apply for this. You can receive 50% commission everytime a client funds the account via paypal. There is a $20 minimum payout limit set and you get paid when you overpass it without request.


Bottom Line

The program like any other has its pros and cons. I’m sure that the clients could be more satisfied than the writers are because the rates are more favorable to them. I acknowledge that expert writers must have many complaints because they are not paid equally to their effort and it turns into a very unbearable situation for them. I can assure you though that the site has never lost any payment and the owner has more to lose than to gain with it. In case you found my review too phony I have listed below two very criticizing ones to seek atonement for my crime. :)


  1. Thanks for this useful article i will sign up for iwriter now.

  2. Well great stuff you got going on here!! I was searching the web looking to see what others have been saying about this site. I am infact in the middle of doing a guide with some tips and tricks for iWriter on my blog and wow what a great find. Great info thanks!

    Do you thnk the Fast Track Program is worth it though?

    • It’s not about commenting over its worth because I don’t endorse this idea at all. :)

    • Yes I guess you are right. I thought it was pointless when they said you are not guaranteed to stay a 5 star rated writer which means it can be short lived easily.

  3. I had heard about this web site before, but I never actually tried. To be honest I didn’t like the fact the client can easily reject your work and not pay you. After I read that, I just thought: ”No, this site is not for me!”.

    I’m a sensitive person, and to make matters worse I also happen to be a slow writer :( This kind of web sites are not for me… maybe if freelancing wasn’t my only source of income I’d give this a try. This site can be great for all those new writers who are just starting and want to gain some experience.

  4. I have to agree with vida_llevares, and take a pass on this one. Those rates are insulting. Their only saving grace is the affiliate program, but I doubt that it would be worth the time, either.

  5. Seeing the low rate for a 500-word article sounds very discouraging. Plus, the high fees required to apply for evaluation. But, at least, there’s an affiliate program.

  6. I signed up with this company months ago but failed to write any content. I had my doubts after reading the feedback from the clents. I think that they are way too harsh on the writers. I believe in constructive critism but not belittling someone’s work. I am going to start writing content on Monday, and hope to make money from the site as well as have great feed back. Thanks for posting!

  7. This sounds interesting. But, when I checked the site, I couldn’t open it.

    • Strange, it’s up from here.

  8. I have tried Iwriter for a while last year and even got a payment from them. I’d have to say that I liked the site somewhat. The payrate for standard writers might appear low to people of certain areas, but I come from India and it is okay with me and I guess it’d be the same with many other Asian or African writers also. Before starting to write one needs to carefully study the requester’s approval status and comments, but the sad part is that you might miss the article in doing so, as it goes away very fast, it happened with me several times. So you can only look at the rating and if the requester is new then just rely on your luck, besides following the provided instructions carefully. I haven’t visited the site lately as the queue for articles has become much shorter by now, lesser options to choose from and the subjects currently posted are a bit alien to me mostly, as the requesters are mostly from US, UK or Canada and in limited time that appears as a hindrance to me, but I will try it surely at some point of time, as I’ve some unpaid balance there lower than the payout limit of 20$.

  9. Hey,

    Thank you for sharing another awesome tip. I am thinking of signing up with them. I like to write in my spare time. So why not get paid for it? I will check the site out. I look forward to your next post!

  10. I don’t know. I got angry and forgot what I wanted to comment. :)
    Sorry, but I think that this type of sites is actually killing the professionals. You may say that it’s good for practice, but I would say – no. There is plenty of good writers here, for small price, and employers started to expect the same price on regular freelance sites. Do you know what are the prices on oDesk now? 1$ for 500 words. 90% employers don’t want to pay more than this and there are plenty of candidates. My ability, knowledge and the creative thing I’m giving are not important anymore.
    Other than that, the site looks clean.
    I don’t like the part where you pay to get paid more. Complete nonsense, of course. This is why I don’t see it as serious thing.
    Good part are affiliate earnings, of course, but that thing itself makes the site even less serious. Affiliate invitation and link all across the screen, as main thing.
    All in all, it’s nice to try if we look at this from the GPT perspective. Then it is nice money. Not for me, because I’m a slow writer, but OK. :)

    • You may be a slow writer but on the other hand you are definitely a thorough thinker and that’s what counts the most. :)

  11. I was going to comment, but when I saw the price for 500 words – I got into the killer mode. >:/
    Sorry, but – no!

    • Yes the rates are low especially for the basic level. Other than that what would you comment about?

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