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Incrasebux – The End Is Near

Few months back we had warned you about the risky situation of Incrasebux network. The drama is coming to its own end judging from the latest news we have read. Thanks to weebly the following article belongs to the lost record and only an image has remained for us to show you.


As expected, the ponzi scheme couldn’t revive and the only thing that IB admin succeeded was to buy time expecting the further contribution from uninformed, inexperienced, or naive users. Unfortunately for him the plan failed and the financial exsanguination came to a dead end. On the other hand, many members fell into the trap of being shareholders expecting profit in the long run but eventually experienced big loss. Many others still waiting their payments because denied to participate on that pay to get paid custody. We are not mentioning free members. It seems they were ruined from the beginning. Poor leadership and no consideration for the clients’ loss has strongly characterized the mentality of this network. Every time someone else was to get the blame for the difficulties. Paypal, haters, trolls, now some users of a certain country who are accused for cheating because they disputed their payments as they had the right to do, oh well. We can go on and on about the incidents that took place few months ago but we want to keep you away from inappropriate comments or incidents. Nelson Ferreira was not alone all along. Faithful puppets, members of the staff or even simple members compile the famous “goon squad” of EMS. A supporter of Earnings Area may comment about these series later. We are waiting for him. Today we had a serious conflict with one of the staff and not someone random. Look at the short conversation. Even now they tried to censoring the forum’s conversation and one of the victims was me:

Bad news to all

Edited post


The moderator edited the post (result)

Bad news to all3

Deleted post


The remained post of mine fully edited with nonsense

What did the mod vocnus mean? Go figure. He was the mastermind of the last so called brilliant plan which pulled off more money from unware, naive victims. Congratulations.

Incrasebux belongs to history. We hope you have learned something from this case and never forget. They will come to you with promises again. Be prepared.





  1. Sorry you got ripped off by them. Thanks though for warning the rest of us. I’m sick of all these ponzi schemes and scams online. I’m going to steer well clear of Increasebux and any other website owned by the same person.

    • Actually, I’m not personally ripped off. Just wanted to warn everyone being careful with that network.

  2. I guess this is my first visit here and I always love it. I am going to be a frequent visitor here. Love your writing style. Thanks for this wonderful tips. Even though I am not very good with writing I can see where you are going with the suggestions.

    • Welcome aboard. :-)

  3. Hello.

    I also get banned from the forum because I posted “questions”, maybe uncomfortable ones. I’m thinking about to do an international police report, starting from my country (Italy)……..

    • Hello, good luck on your campaign. Feel free to update your findings whenever is possible. :-)

  4. Hey Earnings Area aka Jimmy aka Jim aka notjim aka Dimitris, this is joras speaking. If you haven’t noticed it yet, Nelson Ferreira and his puppet Vocnus trying to convince the public that it’s ok if they would shut Incrasebux down and keep Bigtimebux and Bux4cash. They are looking for new investors:

    Look at here and judge:

    These people are very dangerous. i was reading a story where someone invested $4500 and cashed out $600 only. Oh really they have no diligence about their family? This is going to be the biggest scam after onbux.

    I remember when plenty of Incrasebux members flooding EMS and attacking everyone who had a clear stance against Incrasebux’ dirty tactics. I guess greediness and fear were their only guide. I was one of the victims but i didn’t receive a lot of volume because i got tired by them and quit. They were judging people’s avatars and how they look like. How pathetic really. By the way do you remember Claudio? The Italian co-admin. Where is he? Haha, he left the party so early afraid of being caught.

    I wish i could prosecute them though i was not involved with this site and lost nothing like you. It was a ponzi from miles away and their services was poor and amateur. They couldn’t even answer you in proper English while their services was in English. I know I’m not the perfect speaker, writer bla bla bla but you see my command. I do my best.

    Just wanting to warning anyone old or new.


    • Finally joras you came! Many thanks for your input. :-)

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